Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tazkirah Jumaat Malam: Pandangan Saudara SeIslam

By Shah Sovi (my brother in Islam) via FaceBook

The Solat Jumaat or Friday Mass Prayer is much more than the prayers itself. The whole journey to and from the mosque plus the things that you do in between will also be taken into account before "pahala" is credited to you.

Many fails to know that hence the following misdeed is done during the finest hour of the week:-

1) Parking haphazardly blocking traffics. This encourages people to swear a...nd curse at you. The Friday Mass Prayer is compulsory only if you do not perform it at the expense of your own health or if you are creating harm in any way in order to perform it.

2) Lying. I've seen people lining up in from of the mosque to eat at stalls. They bury chicken, fish etc under their rice to avoid paying more for their food.

3) Pre-Judging. Many muslims nowadays like to pre-judge people base on their outlook and sadly this even happen within the mosque itself. What makes it even worse is....this is done by those who dons themselves in Jubah, carrying tasbih and proclaim themselves "warak".

4) Hygiene - I can say that many mosque goers now does not observe this rule. You must be clean to face Allah The Almighty. Many of those I observe are dirty, smells bad and this disrupt other people's prayers for they are not "Kusyuk"during prayers. You don't have to be in designers items and spray yourself with cologne, just be clean and tidy.

5) Salam. Let the spirit of brotherhood fills us always and promote that by shaking hands?salam with everyone around you as you enter the mosque, not the selected few that you know. In Islam, everyone is your brothers and sisters.

Please realize this and change for the betterment of all.

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