Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, May 12, 2014

MH 370 just another 911 ...................

Missing MH370 another 911.
Crashed but no debris. No people no DNA,,, blah blah blah.
YABhg. Tun Dr.,
With regard to this latest topic, may I chide you by saying that it is inaccurate to imply or conclude that Boeing aircrafts are dangerous to fly in, unless of course we can prove that their aircrafts are substandard or defective products. Actually, all aircrafts are dangerous to fly in if we have a deranged or an incompetent pilot at the controls of the aircraft. All aircrafts are also dangerous to fly in, if happens to be a target of a missile or some sophisticated weapon.
If we imply that Boeing’s aircrafts are defective products then the onus is upon us to prove that is so, because the ruling of ‘Caveat Emptor’ or ‘Let the buyer beware’ shall come into picture. In such a case it is the onus of the buyer to prove that the seller had purposely concealed latent defects of the product that may tantamount to a fraud. In this regard, MAS shall have to prove that the Boeing company had intentionally concealed some latent defects in the Boeing-777 aircraft when it was purchased by MAS. And, that is a very tall order indeed to prove.
Anyhow, no competent and well-established manufacturer-vendor in the likes of the Boeing company would intentionally conceal defects in the process of doing good business all over the world. That is why very high quality control and international standards (ISO) are adhered to and complied with by manufacturers and corporations before their goods can be put into the market-place.
After so many words that you have uttered on this topic, however only one sentence have struck me (in para 15) as being accurate, i.e. when you uttered that – “Boeing has a lot to answer”. All these while, we can notice that since the disappearance of Flight MH370, not a single official statement has been issued by the any spokesman from Boeing company, and they have remained very, very quiet when actually they should be saying plenty by now to protect their corporate name and integrity on this incident. Thus, why is that so?
Anyway, in my previous comment (no. 39) on the topic of ‘MH370’ in this blog-site, I have at length postulated that that there is a collusion and conspiracy to suggest that Flight MH370 was attacked and destroyed by certain quarters and had crashed into the South China Sea. I have also postulated that many quarters have also colluded to provide disinformation and a whitewash to allude as though Flight MH370 had ‘ended’ and crashed into the Indian Ocean.
To reinforce my suggestion that a collusion and conspiracy by certain quarters in the attack and bringing down the Flight MH370, kindly allow me to elucidate further on this issue. Before this, I have postulated that the most plausible scenario in the disappearance of Flight MH370, as suggested by Dr. Leuren Moret in which exotic weapons (DEW or LaWS) was used by the US Navy to attack the aircraft. Unlike missiles, such exotic weapon (laser, microwave cum high-energy) cannot be detected by any radar.
When such a weapon is deployed and unleashed onto a target (such as the Flight MH370 aircraft) no radar can detect the lethal energy being released, culminating in the disintegration of the aircraft whilst at the same time rendering all its communication system destroyed and lost. However, if missiles was ever employed to attack the plane, even such missiles can be detected and appear on the radar screen – unless of course some sort of sophisticated ‘stealth’ missile has already been invented and deployed.
It is a matter of fact at approximately the time of 1:20a.m. on 8th March 2014 that Flight MH370 went off the radar and lost total communication. As asserted by Dr. Leuren Moret that it was at that particular moment the high-energy weapon was applied onto Flight MH370 to shoot it down. Incidentally, an oil rig worker from New Zealand (Mike McKay) says that he saw the Flight MH 370 aircraft go down in flames into the South China Sea, as per these URLs below:-
Not surpringly, no report of such an important sighting was ever covered and highlighted but ignored by the controlled mainstream-media.
Therefore, any suggestion by some quarters that Flight MH370 (after disappearing from the radar screen) had made a V-turn westward and back into the peninsular mainland and then into the Malacca Straits and subsequently into the southern part of the Indian Ocean is inaccurate and misleading.
In keeping with this topic the question that it is the ‘Responsibility of the Plane-maker’ who has a lot to answer does not (yet) arise, because we have yet unfold of what had really happened. We have yet to find out whether, there was:-
1) Any mechanical & technical failure or substandard & defective part of the plane,
2) Any incompetency or negligence on the part of the cabin crew,
3) Any act of terrorism or sabotage inside the plane or an attack from outside the plane by some evil-force(s).
If and until the physical body or even some parts of the aircraft is found and be thoroughly investigated, then we shall never know what had really caused the plane to disappear. For the moment conjecture, speculation, educated guesses or trying to put 2 & 2 together from reliable information and sources are the only options that we have.
And, we do not know for sure why all form of communications (including the passenger hand-phones) to and from the aircraft of Flight MH370 was lost and why the aircraft suddenly disappeared from the radar screen at that particular time and location.
To suggest there was total communication breakdown (due to defective communication parts of the plane) does not necessarily mean that there was total mechanical breakdown of the plane. In other words, if the crew on the plane could not communicate with others on the ground, it does not necessarily mean that the engine of the aircraft was on fire or that its wings had snapped-off. Even though if communication was totally lost and the wings of the aircraft had snapped-off, surely the wreckage or debris of the plane could still be found somewhere within the South China Sea, i.e. the last location where communication was lost and plane disappearing from the radar screen.
However, our God-given intellect must be best utilised to uncover and determine what had really happened to Flight MH370. Rather that makings mere conjecture and speculation, why not we try to collect and collate whatever information we have at hand to piece 2 & 2 together to get a much clearer picture of what had really happened.
In this regard, the questions we have to consider is the aircraft had lost total communication and suddenly disappeared at the moment in question, that may be due to either:-
1) Certain abnormalities from some sort of UFO abduction or unexplained phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle occurrence,
2) Mechanical & technical defect or failure of the aircraft components,
3) Incompetency or negligence of the cabin crew in handling the gadgets or control of the aircraft to cause a mishap,
4) Aircraft cabin crews are overpowered by hijackers cum terrorist or perhaps in collusion with them where certain mechanisms are shut-off to render communications to & from the aircraft to be ineffective, while sophisticated devices are deployed and set-up on-board causing the aircraft to be undetectable by any radar,
5) Aircraft was suddenly attacked by undetectable weapons from a distant.
We can rule-out the cause No. 1 as a possibility, because rationally speaking no Court of Law will take such occurrences as being admissible evidence, unless of course there is a precedent where aliens/UFO beings have been permitted in any the human court of law to be as material witness.
We can also rule-out the cause No. 2, because despite any defectiveness of the aircraft (Boeing-777) and is doomed to crash, nonetheless we should still be able to detect by radar or by GPS of its moment of crashing or of its crashed location.
We can also rule-out cause No. 3, because despite the flight crew being fully-drunk whilst in mid-air, nonetheless ground radar should still be able to locate the flight or crash path of the aircraft.
As for cause No. 4, it is possible that hijacking or collusion of the cabin crew with the terrorist/hijacker can take place. However, if that is the situation then by now we should have already known of the demands and motives and of the hijackers. Two months have passed and no demands whatsoever has ever been made from any quarters. Thus, cause No. 4 can also be ruled-out.
So, we are then left with only the possibility and cause No. 5. But, the question remains is that.., who are those evil perpetrators who would attack a commercial civilian aircraft and mercilessly slaughter 239 human-beings (including 2 infants), and for motive and benefit..!?
As postulated by Dr. Leuren Moret and endorsed by Mr. Alfred Webre the disappearance of Flight MH370 was perpetrated primarily by USA and Britain and executed with exotic weaponry by the US Navy as explained in the YouTube videos, as below:-
However, for some paradoxical reason apparently our Malaysian leaders and authorities seem to be going along with those evil perpetrators in providing disinformation and whitewash as to the real situation of what had really happened to MAS Flight 370 all these while. Why is that so..? Well, understandably for fear of backlash and repercussions our leaders and authorities took the stance to ‘Kowtim’ with those rascals that can be succinctly explained by this gentleman, as per this YouTube video below:-
In short, Mr. Morris Herman had suggested that our leaders and authorities had ‘no choice’ but to have take the non-confrontational approach and would dare not accuse those rascals of such an evil misdeed, for fear of certain backlash from them that could harm and economically bankrupt Malaysia, while militarily they could damage and devastate the nation. His YouTube video caption asserts that – ‘MH370 – Better a Whitewash than Bankruptcy for Malaysia’, speaks for itself.
Nonetheless, the drama does not end there. All the dots must be connected and loose ends of the story tied-up.
If Dato’Sri Najib has alluded by saying that Flight MH370 has ‘ended’ in southern part of the Indian Ocean, thus at least the body of that aircraft or its wreckage somehow, someday has to be found even though in the deepest part of the ocean. And, we can anticipate that the wreckage of a Boeing-777 shall someday be found somewhere in the Indian Ocean. How so.., when it has been postulated by Dr. Leuren Moret that the wreckage or debris of Flight MH370 is somewhere in the South China Sea..? Well, this is where the plot thickens.
There has been some stories going around the alternative media that several people at the island of Maldives had spotted a Boeing-777 aircraft flying at very low altitude nearby that island on the day that Flight MH370 was reported missing over the news. They also claimed the markings of the aircraft bears a very similar resemblance of MAS aircraft markings, i.e. with the blue and red stripes along the side of the aircraft, as per this URL shall explain:-
However, our acting Transport Minister (Dato’ Hishamuddin) was quick to dismiss such a claim, as per this YouTube video here:-
There are also some witnesses who claim that the said Boeing-777 was travelling from the northern direction heading South-East spotted by them at the area around island of Maldives. Meaning, the plane was coming from the direction of the Middle-East countries and heading but not into the direction of the island of Diego Garcia but rather heading in the direction of the South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean.
What does this mean? Well, it means that an identical twin of MAS Boeing-777 was flying from somewhere in the Middle-East heading for South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean. Well, so what..!?
It means that some rascal from somewhere in the Middle-East was flying an identical twin of MAS Boeing-777 and would try to crash it somewhere in the South-Eastern portion of the Indian Ocean.., off the coast of Western Australia.., possibly to purposely be found by the assigned Search and Rescue parties.
Who would anybody do such a thing..? Well, let’s look at who from the Middle-East has been storing the identical twin of MAS Boeing-777, at these video & URL here:-
It must be noted that, Malaysia Airlines (MAS) had sold one of its Boeing-777 aircraft (serial number 28416 and registered as 9M-MRI) to GA Telesis LLC, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA on October 21, 2013 but it was stored at Tarbes Lourdes, Pyrenees, France and was later on November 4, 2013, it was re-registered as N105GT and stored at Tel Aviv, Israel. But surprise, surprise.., guess who is now the owner of the twin MAS Boeing-777 aircraft..!? Who else.., but that damn Zionist rascal, i.e. George Soros…!!!
So, we have now come to a full circle. The story now should all add up. So, here’s how the chronology and modus-operandi would go:-
• MAS Flight MH370 is blasted from the sky using exotic laser-beam/high energy weapon executed by the US Navy.
• The aircraft burns and crashes into the South China Sea.
• A delay in the Search & Rescue efforts as well as delay for media release by several hours after the incident took place, to allow for the Naval Fleet to clear up any mess of the wreckage in the South China Sea.
• The Vietnamese military reports of some oil spills and wreckage debris noticeable in the South China Sea but that was spun, ignored and brushed aside.
• Psyops and disinformation goes into full swing with the US & Western mainstream-media taking a biggest role in the exercise.
• Official statement is made as though Flight MH370 made a V-turn after its disappearance from the radar and heading westward back into the peninsular mainland and into the Malacca Straits.
• Search and rescue efforts are then diverted into the Straits of Malacca, Andaman Sea and later on into the Indian Ocean area.
• Reports that a similar MAS looking aircraft was flying very low heading South-Easterly from the north over the Maldives island atoll area was also brushed aside by the authorities
• At the input and advise of Inmarsat of UK, all search and rescue efforts are then deployed and concentrated on the southern portion of the Indian Ocean off the cost of Western Australia.
• MAS flight MH370 was announced ‘ended’ in the southern portion of the Indian Ocean while any hope of rescuing living survivors is no longer feasible.
• After more than 2 months, efforts are now made for search and salvage (no longer rescue of survivors) for any signs of the Flight MH370 wreckage in the Indian Ocean off the west coast of Australia.
** But note – Alas, do not be surprised that later on, if the MAS Boeing-777 (look-alike) aircraft is now no longer in the hangar at Tel Aviv, Israel, then surely the wreckage of that same Boeing-777 (look-alike) shall be found the Indian Ocean – courtesy of that Zionist-rat, i.e. George Soros..!!
In this chilling but bizarre episode, but who gains and who loses? Who would stand to lose much more in future if they are not wary and careful of the current geo-political scenario?
As an end-note, the Boeing company should have a lot to answer with regard to the disappearance of MAS Flight MH370, despite being a huge corporation themselves but they are relatively a very ‘small’ lackey as a mere accessory and accomplice of those powerful Globalists cum evil New World Order proponents. The question is how do we thwart and overcome those evil rascals..!?
Hopefully, our leaders and those in power and authority must realise what they have gotten themselves and/or the nation into. For God Almighty’s sake.., revert to the Truth while it is still not too late.
Remember.., Truth is righteousness, godliness and bliss.., while falsehood is evil, wickedness and misery.

from a commentator in
Anti Jabaok

Malu aku: OIC hanya condemn Boko Haram dan tidak isytihar perang keatas ekstremisma.

Apa lah nak jadi OIC? Mereka ini hanya dapat mengutuk sekeras2nya tindakan Boko Haram menggunakan nama Allah dan terkeluar dari Islam untuk menjual pelajar2 perempuan yang di culik.

Sepatutnya. OIC isytihar perang keatas kumpulan penjenayah yang tidak berhati perut dan memalukan Islam.

Sungguh kecewa sebagai seorang Islam.

Chibok, Nigeria (CNN) -- The terrifying news began to spread before the gun-wielding Islamist militants made it into Chibok last month. Villagers began to receive cell phone calls that the feared extremist group Boko Haram was on the way.
No one knew what the attack would entail, that it would mean hundreds of schoolgirls plucked from their beds by a group of extremists who would later threaten to sell them.
"It's like they were coming for a shopping trip," a villager who witnessed the attack told CNN.
Some lucky girls managed to escape that night when, after they were loaded into cargo trucks, they made a dash for freedom.
"We would rather go than die," one of the girls told CNN. "We ran into the bush. We ran and we ran."
With fear in her eyes and voice, the young woman, who asked not to be identified, described the experience to a CNN crew that made the long, dangerous trip to her village.
She said she and two friends who had also escaped saw something on fire and headed in that direction, presuming it was building in the village that had been set ablaze. Normally, Chibok is pitch black at night.
Officials have said that Boko Haram militants abducted 276 girls from the boarding school on April 14 and that some escaped into a forest.
Villagers said they passed along warnings to local police that the terrorists were on their way that night. They said they received phone calls from family and friends from surrounding villages and were told that there was a convoy of cargo trucks, pickups and motorcycles heading their way.
One villager said he was told, "They are coming for you. Run!"
The villagers said police called for reinforcements, but none came. Everyone, including the police, fled into the bush during the attack. But the girls were asleep in their dorms.
The stories appear to confirm an Amnesty International report that the government couldn't put together enough troops to head off the attack.
The girl who described her escape to CNN was still shaken up by the events. When asked to describe what her kidnappers wore, she responded: "I feel afraid."
Her school is closed, but if it were open, she says, she wouldn't go back.
Difficult journey
There are many checkpoints on the roads from the capital of Abuja to Chibok. Some of these are manned by the military. Others have local vigilantes, armed with machetes, posted there.
The stops are too many to count and have turned what should be an eight- to 10-hour trip into a journey that took CNN's crew four days.
At each checkpoint, someone will ask where you are headed, poke his head in the vehicle and look around. Sometimes, he will ask to check passports.
The absence of a security stop is noticeable when cars turn off the main, paved road onto the clay-topped, pothole-filled path to Chibok. There are no checkpoints for the last hour.
The village is home to hundreds of people, and despite the abduction, life appears to be almost normal. Children play in the streets; men and women go to work.
The primary place of business in town, the open-air market, is busy even after nightfall, though not for long. At the stands, villagers try to charge their mobile phones through power strips attached to gasoline-powered generators. Rarely does electricity flow through the grid. Solar-powered streetlights never work.
When the women, children and elderly go to sleep, the young men station themselves throughout the village. Every group has its own area of operation where the men -- who work during the day and must get very little sleep -- do security patrols throughout the night. Each of them carries a machete, a poisoned bow and arrow or, in some cases, a homemade gun.
Many in the village said they hope this will help put pressure on the government to do more to find their girls.
International effort
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said Saturday that he was worried about the girls and thanked other countries, including the United States, that have pledged support in finding them.
"We promise the world that we must get these girls out," Jonathan said.
CIA Director John Brennan told the TV network Fusion that the United States is doing "everything we can" to determine the girls' location, a mission President Barack Obama has made a priority.
U.S. and British officials are in Abuja to help Nigeria's government look for the girls, plan rescue missions and advise on ways to subdue Boko Haram. China and France are also helping in the search. A statement from Jonathan's office Sunday said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to send a team of counterterrorism experts.
Several senior officials at the U.S. State Department told CNN that Washington offered assistance in the immediate aftermath of the mass abduction, echoing comments last week by Secretary of State John Kerry that the U.S. has been engaged since Day 1. Nigeria turned down the offer until it became apparent that the situation needed a greater response.
Nigeria denies receiving warning
Scrutiny of the Nigerian government's response to the kidnappings escalated after a report Friday from Amnesty International that says authorities knew at least four hours before the attack that Boko Haram was on its way.
The Amnesty International report alleges that Nigerian commanders were unable to raise enough troops to respond.
A military contingent of between 15 and 17 soldiers and a handful of police officers in Chibok were unable to fend off as many as 200 Boko Haram fighters who stole the girls from their beds, the report says.
The Nigerian government said it responded with troops, helicopters and airplanes in the immediate aftermath of the mass abduction.
Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty wrote an opinion piece for Sunday's editions of the Independent newspaper of Britain that said the organization stands by its claims.
Many have died in violence
Nigerian officials have frequently been criticized for failing to prevent Boko Haram's deadly attacks, particularly in the terror group's stronghold of northeastern Nigeria.
At least 2,000 people have died in violence in northern Nigeria this year, Amnesty said. The most recent Boko Haram attack killed at least 310 people in a town that had been used as a staging ground for troops searching for the missing girls.
The International Criminal Court said the number and intensity of attacks has risen sharply this year.
It called on Boko Haram to release the girls immediately.
"The troubling phenomenon of targeting females during conflict, this time, in Borno state, cannot be tolerated and must be stopped," said prosecutor Fatou Bensouda. "No stone should be left unturned to bring those responsible for such atrocious acts to justice, either in Nigeria or at the ICC."
Disagreement on where girls might be
The girls who remain missing probably have been separated and taken out of the country, some officials have said.
"I abducted your girls," Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau said in a video released last week. "There is a market for selling humans. Allah says I should sell. He commands me to sell."
U.S. Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby, who serves as Pentagon press secretary, said officials believe that the girls "have been broken up into smaller groups" but declined to detail how they came to the conclusion. His sentiment has been echoed by others.
"The search must be in Niger, Cameroon and Chad, to see if we can find information," said Gordon Brown, a former UK prime minister and the U.N.'s special envoy for global education.
But Jonathan believes the girls are still in Nigeria, somewhere in the Sambisa forest.
"If they move that number of girls into Cameroon, people will see. So I believe they are still in Nigeria," he said.
Prime Minister David Cameron promised Sunday that Britain "will do what we can" to help find the girls.
He made the comments as he held a sign bearing the #BringBackOurGirls hashtag on the BBC's "Andrew Marr Show."
Cameron and Pope Francis are the latest high-profile supporters of the social media campaign. U.S. first lady Michelle Obama tweeted a photo of herself with a similar poster last week.
The Pope tweeted Saturday: "Let us all join in prayer for the immediate release of the schoolgirls kidnapped in Nigeria. #BringBackOurGirls."
Also Saturday, Michelle Obama condemned the "unconscionable" kidnapping of the girls, saying in the weekly White House address that it was the work of "a terrorist group determined to keep these girls from getting an education.
CNN's Vladimir Duthiers, Isha Sesay, Nana Karikari-apau, Elise Labott, Lindsay Isaac and Chelsea J. Carter contributed to this report.

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