Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hisham Rais: Menyepi dan menghilang diri kerana tidak dapat berkahwin 4

Human rights or Human Wrongs?
Kejayaan BN dalam PRU13 Berjaya menggelakkan Malaysia menjadi Negara ke 15 mempelopori fahaman pluralisme Nurul Izzah dan Anwar Ibrahim. kakakakak
Ini yang membuat Hisham Rais frust menonngeng kerana ini peluangnya untuk menikah.kikkiki
"Celaka punya BN." katanya, "aku kena membujang sampai ke tua. Kalau tidak dapat lah aku berbini dengan 4 Jambu aku."

"Overwhelmingly impatient, overwhelmingly happy!" -- Vincent and Bruno were getting ready to tie the knot Wednesday in France's first official gay marriage, after months of sometimes violent protests.

Vincent Autin (L) and Bruno Boileau (2L) answer questions during a press conference in Montpellier on May 28, 2013. "Overwhelmingly impatient, overwhelmingly happy!" -- Vincent and Bruno were getting ready to tie the knot Wednesday in France's first official gay marriage, after months of sometimes violent protests.
The mayor of the southern city of Montpellier will pronounce Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau "husband and husband" at 1530 GMT in the presence of hundreds of guests, under the watchful eye of police and the world's media.
"One day before we say 'YES'! Overwhelmingly impatient, overwhelmingly happy!" Autin, 40, said Tuesday on his Twitter account of his marriage to Boileau, his 30-year-old boyfriend of nearly seven years.
The high-profile ceremony, which will also be attended by the Socialist government's spokeswoman Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is the apex of months of huge divisions in France over a bill allowing same-sex marriage and adoption.
The bill was finally signed into law on May 18 to the applause of supporters, but opponents have vowed to fight on and tens of thousands converged on Paris Sunday for a demonstration which ended in violence.
They have also pledged to protest at the marriage in Montpellier -- known as the "French San Francisco" for its gay-friendly reputation -- and up to 100 police have been called in, with another 80 in reserve.
Authorities in Montpellier had initially planned to broadcast the civil marriage on big screens in the city centre, but abandoned the idea due to security fears.
On Wednesday morning, they were putting the final touches to the ceremony, abandoning plans to hold it in the town hall's too-small wedding room and deciding to use the much larger reception hall.
Two chairs have been placed in front of where Mayor Helene Mandroux will be standing, flanked to her right by a portrait of President Francois Hollande and to her left by four flags, including the French and EU ones.
Some 500 guests are expected to attend, as are more than 230 journalists and technicians working for over 100 media outlets from around the world, with last-ditch accreditation demands earlier in the week from China and Ukraine.
"We are the 14th country to recognise gay marriage," Mandroux said earlier.
"If there are so many journalists maybe it is because they were surprised by the reaction of opponents. They were astonished that there could be such violence in the country of human rights."
She said she would give a speech during the ceremony addressing the fact that "for weeks there has been a phenomenon of intolerance" in France.
Barring the media, guests are just friends and family of the couple, Autin has said, and Vallaud-Belkacem herself is attending as a private citizen and not as a state representative.
Though officially a secular republic, France is overwhelmingly Catholic, and the issue of gay adoption and marriage -- a key campaign pledge of Hollande -- sparked a deeply divisive debate.
Opposition to the measure started as a grassroots campaign backed by the influential Roman Catholic Church. The right-wing opposition then jumped into the fray and the movement ballooned.
Supporters and opponents of the bill began protesting last autumn when it was adopted by the cabinet and continued to hold regular demonstrations throughout the country as it made its way through France's parliament.
Sunday's protest happened on the same day as the sexually graphic lesbian love story "Blue is the Warmest Colour" won the top prize at the Cannes film festival, in what some have seen as a subtle wink to the controversy

Zaman Apartheid bunuh Islam bermula. New World Order dan di sokong oleh barat.

Zaman Apartheid kini bermula di Burma. Orang Islam di catu seperti binatang.
YANGON: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Monday criticised a ban on Rohingya having more than two children in strife-torn Rakhine state as counter to human rights, in rare comments on the plight of the Muslim group.

The opposition leader, who has been accused by activists of failing to speak up for the marginalised Rohingya, said she opposed the controversial rule, imposed by the previous junta and reaffirmed recently by local authorities in the wake of deadly unrest.
“It is not good to have such discrimination. And it is not in line with human rights either,” the veteran democracy activist told reporters in Yangon, adding she could not confirm whether the policy was being implemented.

Bantulah komuniti Rohingya.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Syarat kepada Azmin kalau mahu berunding dengan BN/UMNO

Jadi Azmin ingin berunding dengan Kerajaan UMNO perihal bersempadanan di Selangor,
Sebelum itu dengarlah kata dua kami dari Ampang akan syarat2nya, memandangkan Azmin bermain kotor dengan penduduk Islam di Bukit Antarabangsa semasa PRU13:

1. Beliau bersama Zuraidah menipu penduduk bila menyatakan sekolah di UK perdana itu adalah untuk Bukit AntaraBngsa. Ini Janji di capati.

2. Memindahkan lingkungan 5 ribu penggundi hantu dari kaum Cina dan sengaja mengapi2kan isu perkauman di kalangan mereka agar mereka rasa berapi dendam terhadap orang Melayu untuk datang ke Bukit dan Ampang seperti (UK Heights dll)  mengundi walaupun alamat2 yang digunakan amatlah mencurigakan seperti tiada rumah atau lot.

3. Menipu bahawa beribu Bangla turun ke bukit semasa PRU13

Kami mahu, sebelum apa2 rundingan, Azmin kena berjanji cara Islam bahawa:

1. Penduduk Islam akan mendapat tanah kubur mereka

2. Semua pengundi langsuir dikembalikan ketempat asal mereka

3. Dibina sebuah sekolah di BA
4. Status Datum Jelatek yang dicuri dari orang Melayu untuk kaum Cina PRC dan Singapura-pura ditarik balik

Kalau tidak Azmin boleh lupalah untuk datang ke BA bertemu dengan penduduk Islam.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dalam diam: BREAKING THE EMBARGO: Why Malaysia organised military aid to Bosnia

Janganlah kita sebuk hendak memperkecilkan sumbangan UMNO dalam memperjuangkan hak negara2 Islam yang dizalimi Negara Barat. Walhal PAS agak diam dalam memperjuangkan Islam merentasi sempadan.
PAS sinonim dalam Islam NO ACTION TALK ONLY
AMONG the most dismal failures of diplomacy was the United Nations' arms embargo upon the former Yugoslavia, which most of the Western powers, especially Britain and France, insisted be applied to the breakaway states of Bosnia and Croatia.
This left almost all the military equipment of the former Yugoslavia in the hands of Serbia -- and Croatia and Bosnia with almost nothing with which to defend themselves. The British and French, using the form of twisted logic prevalent throughout the crisis, insisted that lifting the embargo would unleash a bloodbath and prolong the war, in spite of the fact that there was already a bloodbath with no end in sight.
Malaysia's rejection of this breach of the rules of fairness and respect for the sovereignty -- and very survival -- of this new nation was at the heart of our involvement in helping the Bosnians, much more than just the religious factor.
I was called, some time towards the end of 1992, by Prime Minister Datuk Seri (now Tun) Dr Mahathir Mohamad to say that Malaysia had to move quickly to assist the Bosnians.
Former foreign minister Tan Sri Ghazali Shafie undertook to travel as a special envoy of the prime minister to Egypt and a couple of other countries in the Middle East.
To our disappointment, he failed to get a meeting with then president Hosni Mubarak, and his discussions in Cairo were less than encouraging. My visit took me to the recently re-established Central Asian republics, which were unable to assist or support our effort in any form, even diplomatically.
We had to rethink our strategy. I travelled to New York and met some top media people. In Washington, I met a handful of senators and staffers, and before we left, our permanent representative to the UN, (now Tan Sri) Razali Ismail, and I conducted a televised press conference.
All this was part of our efforts to drive home the glaring military imbalance, which left the victims, the Bosnians, at the mercy of the aggressors, the Serbs. We had hoped that our efforts would stir their conscience into action.
I also managed to get the prime minister's approval to organise two international forums, one in Bonn and the other in London, to which some European parliamentarians and United States senators were invited.
When I met Prime Minister Dr Haris Silajdzic and President Alija Izetbegovic at one of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC, now the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) contact group meetings in Geneva, they pleaded for assistance, either in cash or material, and asked me if Malaysia could also provide the leadership to persuade some Muslim countries to come to their assistance.
I subsequently discussed this new development with the prime minister, who gave me his strong and unreserved support. We moved quickly to implement the plan.
Our first shipment of light weapons was held up in Cyprus for almost a week, sometime in July/August 1993, creating great anxiety among us. Finally the ship set sail for Istanbul.
Gun-running was not a job I was ever trained for, but it became part of my many-sided responsibilities as Wisma Putra (Foreign Ministry) secretary-general. I made my first visit to Sarajevo in the early years of the war.
I met and had discussions with Silajdzic about continued material support and also how we could involve more OIC countries. As the war continued and escalated, I became increasingly disenchanted, and even angry, at the OIC contact group.
They issued ineffectual communiques, which neither helped the Bosnians on the ground nor had any impact on the international community.
Before the January 1994 foreign ministers meeting of the contact group, I spoke to the foreign minister, who was already in Geneva to attend the contact group meeting, to call for an expanded meeting of the group that would include the defence ministers and defence chiefs.
Malaysia's proposal as put forward by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri (now Tun) Abdullah Badawi was accepted at a meeting held in Geneva in January 1994.
The following year, on Friday, July 21, 1995, the OIC declared in Geneva that it no longer recognised the UN arms embargo.
Proclaiming it to be "invalid" the group announced it was ready to send military aid to help the Bosnian government against the Serbs. The expanded contact group meeting was then held in Kuala Lumpur from Sept 11 to 14, 1995.
It charted a common position on the question of future military aid to its government.
Analysts were then all too aware of our substantial military presence in Bosnia as well as the fact that our standpoint was shared by many of the other Muslim-majority governments.
We do believe that our actions created an impact because by early September there was a concerted effort by the West to find a solution to the war.
In September 1995, for the first time since the beginning of the war, the foreign ministers of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia met to lay the foundation for future peace talks.
They agreed to recognise each other's borders, something they had not done since the former Yugoslavia fell apart. Indeed, Serbia and Croatia had earlier conspired to dismember Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The help that was offered by Malaysia and others in the contact group was critical to enable the Bosnian forces to finally stand their ground against Serb forces. And that gave them at least the minimal ability to meaningfully negotiate a peaceful settlement.
Coupled with the change of attitude of one or two members of the international community, and the more even-handed role by the United States towards the later phase of the conflict as an arbiter to the peace process, Bosnia-Herzegovina finally secured the peace accord on Nov 21, 1995.
The Dayton Peace Agreement brought an end to the slaughter of the Bosnians by the Serbs.
The above is the second in a series of three excerpts from "Growing up with the Nation" by Tan Sri Ahmad Kamil Jaafar. The former Wisma Putra secretary-general's memoirs are published by Marshall Cavendish Editions

Read more: Gun-runner for a good cause - Columnist - New Straits Times

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ujang Cool, Agama suku Politik tiga suku.: Dalam Diam Nik Aziz pun dah pandai sembunyikan fakta.

BONGKAR..!!! Nik Aziz Sembunyikan FAKTA Tun Dr Mahathir Bantu Rakyat Kelantan RM...300 JUTA Setiap Tahun Mulai 1990..

Pendedahan aktivis politik Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan

Ketika masih memegang jawatan sebagai Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad membantu masayarakat Kelantan dengan menyumbang antara RM200 juta dan RM300 juta setiap tahun.

Menurut aktivis politik Datuk Khairuddin Abu Hassan, sumbangan Mahathir itu diberikan kepada Menteri Besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat sendiri bagi membantu masyarakat Islam di negeri tersebut.

"Kereta sayalah yang ambil Tok Guru (Nik Abdul Aziz) setiap enam bulan antara pukul 11 dan 12 malam apabila orang sudah tidur ke rumah Dr. Mahathir.

"Dr. Mahathir kata kepada Tok Guru, dia tidak boleh tolong secara terus menerus kerana Kelantan adalah pembangkang. Namun untuk orang Melayu dan orang Islam di Kelantan, Barisan Nasional (BN) beri duit kepada Tok Guru.

"Maka atas arahan Dr. Mahathir, setiap tahun kita (BN) beri RM200 juta, RM300 juta kepada Tok Guru secara senyap-senyap," katanya ketika berucap pada ceramahnya di Kampung Permatang Kebun Sireh di sini, malam tadi.

Katanya, sebilangan besar masjid yang dibina di Kelantan dibina oleh Barisan Nasional (BN) dan Nik Aziz perlu tampil untuk memberikan penjelasan.

"Tuan-tuan boleh tanya Tok Guru sendiri, betul ke tidak perkara itu?. Kita bina jambatan, jalan raya dan sekolah di Kelantan," ujarnya.
Masya Allah ...

Rupanya DIKTATOR yang dilabelkan sebagai MAHAFIRAUN dan MAHAZALIM ini telah membantu PAS KELANTAN, setiap tahun, RM300 juta, sejak bergelar Perdana Menteri Malaysia kelima.

MAHAFIRAUN dan MAHAZALIM yang tergolong didalam golongan kafir kerana menyertai UMNO, seperti yang didakwa PAS inilah yang banyak membantu PAS Kelantan.

Bukan sedikit jumlah wang diberikan, RM 300 juta setahun ...

Bermakna setiap tahun Perdana Menteri yang dilabelkan sebagai MAHAFIRAUN dan MAHAZALIM ini membantu PAS KELANTAN, selama 13 tahun sejak Nik Aziz bergelar Menteri Besar Kelantan.

RM300 juta x 13 tahun = RM3.9 Bilion ... RM3.9 Bilion ... WOW !!!

Zalim ... Memang Zalim Perdana Menteri yang dilabelkan sebagai MAHAFIRAUN dan MAHAZALIM ini.

Setiap tahun RM300 juta diberikan untuk orang Melayu dan orang Islam di Kelantan.

Rasanya ... Lebih molek rakyat Kelantan bertanya kepada Nik Aziz.

'Apa yang telah dibelanjakan' dengan pemberian WANG IHSAN RM3.9 BILION ini ?

Nak lagi sedap, tanya Nik Aziz ... Benarkah MAHAFIRAUN dan MAHAZALIM ini memberi bantuan RM300 juta sejak dari tahun 1990 ?

Ulamak tidak akan bercakap bohong ... MELAINKAN ULARMAK ... Ular Dalam Semak.
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Adam Mahasewel: Bila belajar tak pandai, harapkan semangat aje.

Tak tahu lah mat ini. Apa salah ibu mengandung, mengapa pula celaka si Ayah.
Suruh belajar dulu kemudian masuklah politik.
 X dapat masuk MCKK, jadi macam budak MCKK pun Ok gak. Pikior deme.
Ki kii ki ki ki.
Ini nak jadi macam si pondan tua, pengelola LGBT, Pondan Pandan, pemgemar ACDC, si kononnya revolusi lari ke UK. Menangis merayu nak balik Nogohi. Kakakakakakakka.
Lah ni da kena tangkap. tengok macamana di meraban nak jadi hero. Orang lain tepuk tangan sebab hang bodoh sangat sanggup nak masuk lokap buek kojo yang sio-sio.
Semoga kamu mendapat perlajaran dalam penjara selama2nya. 
"They have issues with our political system that has been in practice for yonks, our constitution that is the foundation of our nationhood, our national language that is supposed to unite us as a nation, and our flag, the symbol of our national pride.

They want to UBAH everything."

Big Cat

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Taminsari: Konspirasi Anwar-Hisham?

By: Taminsari.

Perbuatan aktivis jalanan propembangkang, Hishamuddin Rais menghasut rakyat untuk mengadakan rusuhan jalanan Sabtu ini tidak boleh dibiarkan kerana tindakan itu jelas mencabar keluhuran Perlembagaan serta mengancam keselamatan rakyat dan negara.

... Presiden Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa Malaysia (Perkasa), Datuk Ibrahim Ali berkata, langkah yang cuba diambil oleh Hishamuddin itu sememangnya amat berbahaya dan pihak polis wajar bertindak segera.

Hakikatnya beliau berkata, undang-undang negara telah dipermain-mainkan dan dimomok sesuka hati sehingga ke peringkat mencabar Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

"Saya amat kenal Hishamuddin ini. Dia pernah lari ke luar negara semasa kebangkitan pelajar pada tahun 1970 atas isu kemiskinan rakyat Baling, Kedah.

"Bertahun lari ke luar negara dan memburukkan nama baik Malaysia di negara yang memberikan suaka politik kepadanya. Dia ini jenis baling batu sembunyi tangan. Kembali ke tanah air dengan selesa tanpa diambil apa-apa tindakan undang-undang," katanya dalam kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Akhbar hari ini menyiarkan berita tentang niat pembangkang untuk mencetuskan huru-hara bagi menggulingkan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) yang dipilih secara sah oleh rakyat pada 5 Mei lalu dengan bercadang melakukan demonstrasi jalanan Sabtu ini.

Malah, mereka secara terbuka mengakui satu-satunya cara menggulingkan kerajaan BN yang diterajui UMNO ialah melalui rusuhan jalanan kerana mustahil pakatan pembangkang dapat merampas Putrajaya melalui peti undi.

Hishamuddin ketika menghasut orang ramai berbuat demikian berkata, pembangkang menolak keputusan Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 dan adalah satu kebodohan jika penyokong pembangkang berdiam diri tanpa turun ke jalan raya bagi menggulingkan BN.

Ibrahim berkata, Hishamuddin kembali ke tanah air semasa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

"Sebenarnya tindakan Hishamuddin menghasut rakyat dengan cara mencabar undang-undang akan memberikan kesan negatif yang mana rakyat tidak akan menghormati undang-undang," ujarnya.

Oleh itu beliau berkata, Ketua Polis Negara dan Pengarah Keselamatan dan Ketenteraman Awam di peringkat ini wajar bertindak tegas dengan segera.

"Cegah sebelum keadaan lebih buruk dan tidak terkawal. Jangan disebabkan nila setitik, rosak seluruh negara.

"Jenis manusia tidak tahu bersyukur dan tidak hormat undang-undang negara wajar diajar secukupnya," katanya.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Harris Ibrahim: Voted Bangang of the Year?

Nampaknya, Harris ini sudah di gelarkan sebagai Moron of the Year untuk selama 5 Tahun kerana ingin menobatkan kerajaan Pakatan Pembangkang melalui demonstrasi jalanan bersama2 denga ahli unDemocrtic Action Party dan ahli Pakatoon. Fuyoh. Nama Demokratik tapi perbuatan tidak demokratik.
Ini bukan Bankang dari Longkang, Ini taraf Bangang dari Longkang. Kakakakakak.
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Apa mahu lagi Myanmar Muslims dan Rohingyas?

Apa mahu lagi Myanmar Muslims dan Rohingyas? (= What do you want more Myanmar Muslims and Rohingyas?)

Apa mahu lagi Myanmar Muslims dan Rohingyas?
(= What do you want more Myanmar Muslims and Rohingyas?)
Incumbent continue to rule the country and get more states. Chinese control the business and their opposition party won a lot of seats. Alhamdulillah TDM safe, his party continues to rule the country and his son is the Chief Minister of the state BN successfully wrestled back.
For the Rohingyas…and Muslims of Myanmar here…Zero, nothing.
In Myanmar, Muslims are killed, tortured, assaulted, burnt alive, looted, shops destroyed…. about two hundred Masjids destroyed, hundred Mosques and mardersas closed down, Qurans burnt…
I could understand when Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians ignored us.
But Malays almost totally forgot us. They have pre and post GE Fever.
Damaged burning Masjids and torn Qur’ans never moved them.
It is a shame that Indonesians, Christians and EVEN JEWS are protesting the Religious cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar but Malay Muslims are in silent mood.

If Malaysia scared of its business in Myanmar, OK.
If Malaysia scared of its peaceful status OK, don’t protest even against burning of Masjids and Qurans.
If Malaysia do not wish to give asylum to Muslims of Myanmar and Rohingya refugees, OK.
I do not want anything from all of you, Shukur Alhamdulillah, thank you for all those good deeds done and favours given to me and my family.
But may you all kindly allow me to request you to sympathetically consider for our brothers and sisters in Islam from Myanmar.
But please give easily or reduce the red tapes for the giving of visas or WP work permits or EP Employment pass or Student passes or social visit passes for all the Muslims who flee Buddhist violence on Islam in Myanmar.
I am sure that they all would not stay for a long time but just wish to avoid the incoming further violence on Muslims before the GE 2015 in Myanmar.

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Sulu 101: Siapa itu Asree Moro?


Monday, May 13, 2013

Teknlogi Halimunan: Teknik Taliban mengkaburi Amerika

Taliban mempunyai pakar strategis yang berkaliber tinggi. Dengan kepakaran ini , Taliban dapat menyesuaikan diri dengan menyamar bersama alam sekitar dan dikalangan musuh, iaitu Amerika.
Saksikanlah bagaimana pihak Taliban dapat mencipta suasana halimunan yanh boleh mengelirukan Amerika.


Gopalan Nair: Singapore's Malays and Indians have only themselves to blame

So the grass always greener across the causeway. Read this before you speak about Singapore Meritocracy

Singapore's Malays and Indians have only themselves to blame
Ladies and Gentlemen,

We cannot forget that before anyone else, Singapore was the home of the Malays as they were in neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. The British who colonized the island brought the Chinese and Indians to work in the island, but the Malays had more rights to it above anyone else. It was their island.

To recognize this fact, by law the national language was declared Malay although business was better conducted in English.

But come 1959 and the advent of Lee Kuan Yew and the Lee Ruling family, comprised now of father and son, the father being the strongman Lee Kuan Yew and his son the Prime Minister whom he appointed, the island began taking an ethnic Chinese appearance, something which I am sure no one ever intended, let alone the founder of Singapore the Englishman Stamford Raffles.

Remember in the 1950s ethnic Chinese only formed about 50% of the island. Today with planeloads of Chinese immigrants being brought daily from Communist China, it is about 77%.

It appears, Lee Kuan Yew, who is the dictator since 1959, like Fidel Castro’s Cuba, a person of Chinese ethnicity decided that he didn't care too much for the Malays or anyone else and that he will turn it into a Chinese island with ethnic Chinese given preferred status over others.

Today all top jobs in every walk of life and top businesses are all in the hands of ethnic Chinese, while Malays, to whom the island actually belonged, a tragic irony, are relegated to being coolies and street sweepers. The Singapore Indians fare no better.

The Lee Ruling Family claims that the situation is justified because of meritocracy, a lie which rings completely hollow. Malay or an Indian Singaporean is not any inferior to any ethnic Chinese. Their disadvantageous position is not due to any fault on their part. It is because, Singapore’s Lee Ruling family denies them jobs at every opportunity, there is no race relations laws and employers who are almost entirely Chinese refuse to employ them, leaving them only the demeaning jobs which no one else wants.

And this disgusting official policy of racial discrimination has been going on for the last 53 years, ever since Singapore obtained limited self rule form the British.

There is no doubt that the ethnic Chinese Lee Ruling Family's racial discriminatory policies are clearly illegal under the Constitution but they have managed to get away with it because of the indifference of Malays and Indians to their plight.

The Malays and Indians of Singapore have simply done nothing to stop Lee Ruling Family's ongoing racial discriminatory policies. There has been no public protest or any expression of outrage or indignation by them against these illegal government policies which marginalizes and turns them into second rate citizens in an island which had in fact belonged to them in the first place.

Sadly, the Malays who are predominantly Muslim have been simply content living under Lee Kuan Yew's laws which continue to discriminate against them. There are no leaders among the Malay community who care enough to stand up against this abuse of their rights. They are all afraid of Lee Kuan Yew and his threats to lock them up and throw away the key if they openly challenged Lee's unjust laws and policies. The Indians are no different; they have no leaders either and every single one of them is so afraid of Lee Kuan Yew, they dare not even squeak.

It is true that Lee is a dictator who is determined to make Singapore into a completely Chinese city and their race the dominating ruling race. It is also true that what he does is simply illegal. But the fault equally lies with the Malay Muslims and Indians because they can stand up against this abuse and illegal discrimination but they instead choose not to and simply accept whatever life Lee decides for them.

One can only surmise that Singapore’s Malays and Indians are a cowardly people who are so afraid of the Lee Ruling Family to the extent that they prefer a life in submission and acceptance to the danger that may befall them if they fight. A people who simply let some else ride roughshod over them is simply cowardly. No other word can better describe them.

Here is an example of a Malay whom I know. He is Jufrie Mahmood, presently the Chairman of the opposition SDP. He is a good man. I know him personally. He is someone who is clearly interested in Singapore’s politics and the plight of the Malays. He was a long time Workers Party member with JB Jeyaretnam and me. He passionately wants to help his fellow Malays. He sees the injustice being done to them. It cannot be denied that he has paid a painful price for his beliefs at Lee's hands. One cannot fault him for not caring for his people. It is not my intention to criticize him at all. Yet he, except for joining the SDP and writing essays about the injustice, simply refuses to publicly protest or engage in civil disobedience or organize any peaceful demonstration along the streets of Singapore to demand that Lee stops such illegal practices. Without such open protest, which the Malays simply refuse to do, the world is not aware of how shabbily the Lee Ruling Family treat them. Which by the way, conveniently allows the Lees to continue running them down.

Other than him, there are no other Malay leaders in Singapore. A couple of Malays serve in Lee’s government. They are not Malay leaders. They are there only to enrich themselves. They are a disgrace. There is no point in talking about them.

Gopalan Nair
Singaporean by birth in exile
Attorney at Law
Fremont, California USA
Tel: 510 491 4375

Saturday, May 11, 2013

GANGSTER ISLAM: Bila PAS lebih gangster dari DAP ..

Bila PAS berkawan dengan Gangster sepatutnya, mereka ini akan berdakwah kaum Cina agar lebih bersifat Islam. Tetapi ini sebaliknya.
PAS kini lebih gangster dari kaum Cina DAP. Maka tidak hairan lah mereka ini akan mempelopori pendidikan gangsterima secara Islam,
Syabas, Nik Aziz dan Hadi Awang.
Untuk ulasan selanjutnya penipuan orang islam dari PAS layar ke sini.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Jakarta Selatan - Pemilu (Pemilihan Umum) di Malaysia sudah pun berakhir sebenarnya. Kemenangan jelas milik parti pemerintah diketuai bapak Najib. Sebaliknya oposisi di Malaysia oleh bapak Anwar dengan kerjasama Lim Kit Siang seorang Cina. Kalau di Jakarta, ia seakan Cina totok begitu.

Amat menjelekkan demokrasi ala Malaysia karena pemenangnya sudah jelas kepada team bapak Najib, menapa perly lagi bapak Anwar sibuk-sibuk bikin porak-poranda negara sendiri. Seharusnya terima saja keputusannya.

Ternyata bapak Anwar tidak punya perasaan kenagaraan yang tinggi, dia sendiri mengkianati rakyatnya. Bapa Anwar harus menerima hakikat yang mana Malaysia bukan pengamal sistem Persiden. Jika Malaysia menggunapakai sistem Persiden seperti di Indonesia atau di Amerika, ya memang benar undi paling banyak dikira sebagai pemenangnya. Misalannya, Bapak Jusuf Kalla melawan Bapak Susilo, ternyata Bapak Susilo menerima undian paling terbanyak maka sudah jelas Bapak Susilo menjadi Persidennya.

Di Malaysia tidak begitu, karena Malaysia menggunapakai sistem Komanwel dan British Democracy. Makanya mana-mana partai yang menang walaupun tidak majoritas undinya, partai itu dikira pemenangnya. Karena majoritasnya dilihat kepada partainya bukan kepada manusianya. Hal ini sebenarnya amat remeh dan memalukan jika tidak difahami. Masakan bapak Anwar dan oposisinya tidak mengetahui hal-hal seperti ini.

Saya sendiri pelajar jurusan undang-undang di Universitas Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia di Gombak, saya tidak faham mengapa Bapak Anwar tidak bisa menerima keputusan rakyatnya sendiri.

Sistem Kenegaraan Malaysia agak pelik, karena semasa saya belajar di sana, saya lihat rakyatnya yang keturunan Cina, tidak kiralah Cina totok atau Cina moden, tidak menghormati bahasa negaranya. Saya biasa ketemu orang-orang Cina yang tidak pandai berbahasa Malaysia. Walhal kami di Indonesia, orang-orang Cina mau pun yan totok Cina wajib menggunapakai bahasa Indonesia.

Saya pikir, Bapak Najib harus menekankan bidang-bdang seperti ini, kenegaraan yang utug akan menghasilkan negara yang kukuh. Namun begitu, pihak oposisi khusus Bapak Anwar harus berubah, jangan terlalu mementingkan diri sendiri, karena ia kelihatan sungguh jelik kepada seorang yang selalu bercakap pasal demokrasi di Jakarta. Berilah contoh yang baik.

Salam dari saya S. Sudariono, Blok M, Kabayoran, Jakarta Selatan.

(artikel ini adalah kiriman emel)
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Mengikut Zelmey: Azmin sudahpun lompat keluar dari longkang ke tepi jalan

Sumber: Zelmey CravenCafe

Kalau mengikut sumber dari kawan aku kat atas Azmin sudahpun keluar PKR.
Dan sepatutnya, dia sudahpun talipon aku untuk menyerah borang UMNO.
Saya rasa bukan UMNO yang dia masuk tetapi PAS. Sebabkan banyak kekosongan dalam PAS pun.
Kita tunggu dan lihat dalam sejam dua ini.
P/S Saya telah pun terima dua borang permohonan masuk UMNO ;)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ketelusan Tempat Mengundi: Untuk Pengikut Anwar Ibrahim yang bercakap melalui dubur

Berdialog dengan Cina bandar (Siri 1)

Petang tadi Elly pergi ke kedai alat tulis yang juga menjual pakaian sekolah yang dimiliki oleh seorang wanita Cina. Wanita Cina ini amat mengenali Elly kerana kerap juga ke sana membeli keperluan sekolah anak Elly yg di Tahun 1 itu. Hari ini Elly ke kedainya untuk membeli Staedle...r Luna pencil colors dan whiteboard pen. Oleh kerana tiada customer lain dia ajak Elly bersembang dengannya. Dia mengulas keputusan PRU13 dan dalam masa sama membangkitkan banyak isu pilihan raya dan juga pemerintahan BN di Malaysia termasuk unfair treatments terhadap kaum Cina di Malaysia ini.

Elly kemukakan dua isu yang ringan dulu untuk maklumat semua.


Cina bandar ini komplen berjuta ringgit wang mereka (kita punya luit) digunakan untuk membeli 'Indelible Ink' yang mudah tanggal. Dia tunjukkan index finger tangan kirinya kepada Elly yg menunjukkan terdapat kesan dakwat lagi di celah kuku jari indexnya walaupun kesan dakwat di atas kulit ruas atas, kuku, dan kulit bawah ruas jari telah hilang.

Elly bernasib baik kerana pertama kalinya menjadi Ketua Tempat Mengundi (KTM) pada PRU13 semalam dan ini jawapan Elly.

Jika itu dakwat dari jari lu sudah tarak nampak bolehkah lu pergi undi satu kali lagi? Dia jawab dia mungkin boleh.

Elly beritahu dia (dan juga kepada yang naif mengenai proses pilihanraya) apabila dia berjumpa Kerani Mengundi (KM) pertama saja setelah disahkan dengan Daftar Pemilih (DP) yg dia ialah adalah pengundi yang sah di Saluran Undi (Stream) itu, KM 1 berkenaan sambil membuat garisan di ruang kosong antara Bil. dan No. KP di DP (sebagai mengesahkan pengundi telah mengundi) meneriakkan Bil., No. KP dan juga nama pengundi berkenaan dengan kuat supaya dapat didengar oleh 3 orang Ejen2 Calon yang duduk mengadap peti undi itu. Ejen2 Calon pun turut menandakan dengan memotong nama pengundi berkenaan di DP salinan mereka. Elly lihat Ejen2 Calon ini juga mencatatkan bilangan atau jumlah pengundi yg telah datang mengundi.

Andainya, seorang pengundi itu di sebelah paginya telahpun mengundi dan setelah (katakan) kesan dakwat kekal itu hilang 100% pergi semula ke Saluran Undi sama cuba untuk mengundi semula, orang yang pertama akan protes ialah Ejen2 Calon sendiri kerana rekod mereka menunjukkan pengundi berkenaan cuba menipu dan boleh ditangkap polis (jika KTM melaporkan kepada Polis) kerana cuba menipu di bawah undang2 pilihanraya Malaysia.


Cina bandar ini (dan manusia naif yang lain) kata Kerajaan (BN) menipu manipulasi undi di Tempat Penjumlahan Undi apabila berlaku blackout di suatu tempat.

Elly tanya dia di mana berlaku blackout itu. Dia tak dapat jawab. Elly pun tidak tahu di mana berlaku kerana hari ini semua surat khabar 'Sold Out' di sebelah pagi lagi dan Elly tiada maklumat.

Jawapan Elly kepada Cina bandar dan Melayu lain yang suka bangkang tidak bertempat: Selepas selesai pengundian tepat jam 5.00 ptg, maka proses pengiraan undi dijalankan tepat jam 5.30 ptg. Di antara tempoh 5.00 - 5.30 ptg itu Elly isikan BORANG 13 SPR iaitu "PENYATA KERTAS UNDI" yang menunjukkan No. Siri dan Jumlah Kertas Undi Diterima oleh saluran (Stream) Elly, No. Siri dan Jumlah Kertas Undi Yang Dikeluarkan Kepada Pengundi dan juga Bilangan Kertas Undi Yang Tidak Digunakan. Borang 13 ini disikan berasingan untuk Parlimen dan DUN,

Elly kemukakan Borang 13 ini kepada 3 orang Ejen2 Calon dan setelah meneliti dan membandingkan dengan rekod mereka bilangan pengundi yang hadir, mereka menurunkan nama mereka, No KP, parti yang diwakili dan juga tandatangan mereka di ruangan yang disediakan di Borang 13 itu.

Peti Undi yang telah dimeteraikan (sealed) sebelumnya itu dibuka tepat jam 5.30 ptg. dengan disaksikan oleh 3 orang Ejen-ejen Mengira Undi lantikan calon-calon. Proses mengira undi ini mengambil masa lebih kurang 2 jam dengan bilangan pengundinya mendekati jumlah 500 pengundi.

Setelah selesai pengiraan undi dan telah ditentukan bilangan undi yang diperolehi oleh calon2 berkenaan, Elly isikan pula BORANG 14 iaitu PENYATA PENGUNDIAN SELEPAS PENGIRAAN UNDI yang menunjukkan Nama Calon, Parti yang diwakili dan juga jumlah/bilangan undi yang diperolehi oleh calon2 berkenaan (dan termasuk juga kertas undi yang ditolak)

Borang 14 ini Elly serahkan kepada Ejen2 Mengira Undi dan setelah berpuashati dan bersetuju dengan data dalam Borang 14 itu mereka menurunkan Nama, No. KP, Parti diwakili dan juga tandatangan mereka di ruangan yg disediakan di Borang 14 itu sebagai tanda persetujuan dan keputusan undi ini dicatatkan juga oleh mereka.

Borang 13 masukkan dalam sampul dikhaskan untuknya kemudian dimeteraikan dengan tandangan ejen2 calon. Begitu juga Borang 14 pun dimasukkan dalam sampul yg dikhaskan untuknya dan dimeteraikan dengan tandatangan oleh ejen2 calon. Kedua-dua sampul Borang 13 dan Borang 14 ini mesti diserah dengan tangan kepada Returning Officer di Tempat Penjumlahan Undi manakala kertas2 undi sama ada belum digunakan, telah digunakan termasuk kertas undi yg ditolak dimasukkan semula ke dalam peti undi DUN atau Parlimen masing2 bersama-sama segala perlatan mengundi lain spt alat tulis, borang2 lain, rubber stamp, indelible ink dsb. Kedua-dua peti undi DUN dan Parlimen dimeteraikan semula dan ejen2 calon ini menandatangan di atas pelekat seal berkenaan. Peti2 undi ini kemudian dimasukkan ke dalam beg kuning untuk DUN dan parlimen untuk diserahkan semula kepada Tempat pengumpulan Undi.

Masa di antara maklumat di Borang 14 ditandatangani oleh ejen2 calon dan masa peti undi dimeteraikan semula diambil peluang oleh ejen2 calon untuk mengrelay atau menghantar maklumat keputusan pengundian di saluran dan tempat pengundian kepada tempat pengumpulan undi calon berkenaan. Jadi, calon yang bertanding akan mengetahui telebih dahulu sama ada dia menang atau kalah dari maklumat2 yg diterima dan dikumpulkan dari ejen2nya dari semua saluran tempat mengundi dalam kawasan pilihanrayanya.

Bila tiba di Pusat Pengumpulan Undi satu jam kemudian dan sedang beratur untuk menyerahkan Sampul2 Surat Borang 13 dan Borang 14 serta peti2 undi, Elly terlihat calon2 yg menang di saluran Elly dengan isteri masing2 begitu gembira sekali di Tempat pengumpulan Undi.

Jadi, hanya calon yang sudah diketahui menang sahaja tetapi belum disahkan secara rasmi oleh Returning Officer sahaja yang pergi ke Tempat Pengumpulan Undi, dan yang calon kalah tidak nampak muka mereka di sana.

Tidak timbul penipuan pengundian di Pusat Pengumpulan Undi. Hanya fitnah dari pihak yang ingin berkuasa lagi dan pengikut2 totok mereka.

Nota: Jika nk komen biarlah relevan kepada isu di atas, jika tidak Elly akan delete termasuk juga link tanpa komen.
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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tanda-tanda awal penipuan Pakatan Pembangkang guna Langsuir di Ampang

Alamat ada rumah tiada
Tiada alamat dalam Database SPR. Pengundi hantu Langsuir.

Terimakasih kepada Kaum Tionghua kerana memberi peluang Bumi only untuk memerintah Malaysia.

Inilah era kaum Bumiputera dan India yang di beri peluang oleh Kaum Cina untuk memerintah Malaysia dengan asset-asset dari 133 ahli parlimen.
Tunjukkan kita mampu memerintah negara tanpa sokongan padu dari golongan yang telahpun menfaat dari Dasar Ekonomi Bahru.
Terimakasih kepada golongan Tionghua yang amat perihatin dan memberi ruang kepada kaum Bumi menunjukkan kemampuan,
Live goes on says APA. Kaum Bumiputera harus menggunakan peluang ini untuk mencorakkan wawasan 2020 to the last mile.
Kuasa ditangan anda, so bila lagi?

Sejak beberapa hari lalu blog ini saperti juga ramai sahabat sahabat lain merasakan
dipermainkan oleh masyarakat Cina bila wujud "Tsunami Cina" dalam pola
pengundian PRU13 yang baru lalu yang kelihatan begitu bersepadu untuk cuba
menjatuhkan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang dipimpin oleh orang Melayu.Sebagai
orang Melayu blog ini terasa dikhianati kaum ini bila kerajaan Melayu pimpinan
Najib Razak saperti diperolok olokan dengan diberikan "sokongan palsu" setiap
kali beliau turun dalam program yang melibatkan masyarakat Cina.

Siapa yang tak marah bilamana MADU yang diberikan Najib untuk cuba memenangi hati
kaum ini sehingga kadang kadang menimbulkan kemarahan dan keresahan orang Melayu
akhirnya dibalas dengan RACUN dek termakan dakyah DAP yang menjanjikan bulan dan
bintang yang mustahil untuk di gapai.

Mahu saja aku terus terusan menghentam kaum Cina ini jika realiti kemajmukan rakyat
negara ini tidak mahu aku ambil kira.Tapi mana mungkin,kerana suka atau tidak itulah
"kuih masyarakat" Malaysia hari ini hasil dari "acuan" yang dibentuk pemimpin
terdahulu sewaktu mula mula menuntut kemerdekaan dari British dulu.

Itulah REALITI nya....dan suka atau tidak kita generasi yang ada hari ini dan generasi
akan datang tetap terpaksa menerimanya dan cuba mencari kaedah untuk terus hidup
dengan aman dan harmoni.Masyarakat majmuk Malaysia tiada lain pilihan kecuali cuba
menyesuaikan diri dengan gaya dan budaya hidup masing.

REALITI ini menuntut aku memberikan sokongan kepada Perdana Menteri agar satu
kaedah PENYATUAN MASYARAKAT dicari bagi menghentikan POLARISASI yang
berjaya diwujudkan Parti Cauvinis DAP dalam PRU baru baru ini dengan matlamat
menyemai benih kebencian masyarakat Cina terhadap kepimpinan Melayu.Menyisihkan
masyarakat ini hanya kerana mereka termakan dakyah DAP tidak akan membantu kita
mengwujudkan masyarakat Malaysia yang harmoni yang saling menghormati untuk
diwariskan kepada anak cucu kita dan ini akan hanya merealisasikan agenda jahat
anasir anasir asing yang memang mahu melihat rakyat negara ini berantakan.

Apapun suka aku mengingatkan masyarakat Cina yang dah tersilap membuat perhitungan
beberapa hari lalu agar kembali sedar akan kesilapan mereka mempercayai hasutan dari
Cauvinis DAP,yang kononnya Kerajaan Melayu ini mampu mereka tumbangkan walaupun
realitinya peratusan kaum mereka adalah lebih kecil dari peratusan orang Melayu.Lojik
akal sepatutnya memberitahu mereka yang hasrat mereka itu MUSTAHIL untuk dicapai.

Perlu juga diingat akan SIFAT orang Melayu itu sendiri bilamana keberadaan mereka
sebagai Penghulu Tanah Melayu ini mula dicabar oleh kaum yang satu masa dahulu
hanya merempat mengharap belas ihsan Tok Nenek Orang Melayu untuk diberi tempat
berlindung.Mereka akan bangun menentang dan bersatu dan melupakan apa jua sengketa
yang pernah wujud diantara mereka demi mempertahankan maruah,agama dan bangsa.

Itulah yang dilakukan oleh Melayu dan Bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak beberapa hari
lalu demi menentukan Putrajaya kekal berada ditangan Barisan Nasional,walaupun
masih ramai yang tidak berapa Melayu dalam parti Pas dan PKR yang turut dikaldaikan
DAP sapertimana kaum Cina dikaldaikan untuk politik perkauman yang sempit.

Hari ini Melayu boleh berdiri megah bilamana "The Mother Of All Assault" yang
cuba dilakukan oleh DAP dengan menggunakan kaum Cina secara TOTAL masih
gagal menjatuhkan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional pimpinan orang Melayu.

Jadi kepada kaum Cina di Malaysia...masihkah anda mahu mencuba sesuatu yang sia
sia atau anda semua kini sudah mempelajari sesuatu yang mungkin anda tidak jangka
tentang orang Melayu selama ini ?

Aku akan biarkan anda berfikir sehingga tiba pula PRU14...

Kepada sahabat sahabat seperjuangan,suka aku menyeru sahabat sahabat semua agar
kita sama sama membantu Perdana Menteri kita yang baru sahaja diberikan MANDAT
peribadi oleh rakyat Malaysia,membentuk halatuju negara ini mengikut cara beliau
sendiri.Cukup sudah rasanya kita menzahirkan kemarahan kita terhadap bangsa Cina ini dan
kini marilah kita sama sama bersama Najib Razak dengan wawasan kepimpinan beliau.


Tanah runtuh: Tindakbalas kemenangan besar DAP di Bukit Bintang. 8 kereta tenggelam.

Peristiwa ini berlaku pada pukul 7.05 petang. Pelajar yang naik LRT untuk pulang mengambil masa lebih kurang 15 minit selepas 6.45 selepas waktu sekolah .

KUALA LUMPUR 7 Mei - Sekurang-kurangnya lapan buah kereta milik orang awam tertimbus dalam kejadian tanah runtuh di tempat letak kereta di Bukit Nanas, Jalan Ampang di sini malam ini.
Kejadian tanah runtuh kira-kira pukul 7 malam di hadapan Stesen LRT Dang Wangi itu berlaku akibat hujan lebat tanpa henti sejak petang ini.
Difahamkan, runtuhan melibatkan tanah dari ketinggian 24 meter sepanjang kira-kira 100 meter di kawasan tempat letak kereta milik Metro Parking yang mengenakan bayaran RM5 setiap kali masuk.
Seorang jurutera, M. Logeswaran, 28, pemilik kereta Honda City antara yang tertimbus dalam kejadian itu berkata, dia menyedari kenderaannya turut terlibat kira-kira pukul 7.45 malam ketika hendak pulang ke rumah.
"Saya bekerja di bangunan yang terletak di hadapan tempat letak kereta itu dan meletak kereta saya di situ pagi ini.
"Sebaik sahaja hendak pulang, saya terkejut melihat bahagian depan kereta telah ditimbus tanah. Saya cuba membawa keluar kenderaan itu tapi gagal kerana tayarnya terlekat dalam tanah," katanya ketika ditemui di tempat kejadian.
Menurutnya, tidak lama kemudian, dia mendapati kenderaan yang baru dua bulan dibelinya itu hampir tertimbus sepenuhnya.
Difahamkan, antara kenderaan yang terlibat adalah jenis Kia Rio yang baru tiga bulan dipakai, sebuah Proton Saga dan Perodua Viva.
Sementara itu, jurucakap Pasukan Bomba dan Penyelamat berkata, kejadian tanah runtuh itu melibatkan sembilan buah kenderaan namun salah sebuah daripadanya hanya terkena pokok tumbang dan telah dialihkan pemiliknya.
"Hujan lebat masih berterusan dan pihak kami belum dapat masuk ke dalam kawasan kejadian kerana bimbang berlaku runtuhan baru.
"Berikutan kejadian ini laluan berdekatan termasuk jejantas menuju Stesen Monorel Bukit Nanas telah ditutup bagi mengelak keadaan bahaya kepada orang awam," katanya.
Ketua Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kuala Lumpur, Khirudin Drahman ketika dihubungi mengesahkan kejadian itu dan memberitahu, pihaknya sedang mengesan kemungkinan terdapat mangsa terperangkap dalam kejadian itu.
Katanya, pihaknya juga sedang memeriksa kawasan sekitar Bukit Nanas termasuk berdekatan Menara Kuala Lumpur.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Hot news: Anwar to announce his stepping down.

Alhamdullilah syukur nikmat. Kepada Allah yang memberi rahmat.
Resign lah oooi, Azmin dan Zuraidah YB Tipu Ballot can take over.

Lega kita tidak dibawah Pakatan Rakyat kali ini kerana mereka pun korup.

In the coming General Election, condemning the Barisan Nasional (BN) as “totally corrupt” would be the Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) main line of attack. It will be used as a rallying cry to oust the incumbent. Corruption is undoubtedly a major challenge. There is elite corruption in both the public and private sectors. There is petty corruption within various strata of society.
It is because it is a challenge that the government recognises combating corruption as one of the seven National Key Result Areas (NKRAs). And since 2004 a number of significant measures have been implemented, among them the establishment of 14 special anti-corruption courts with the mandate to adjudicate all corruption cases within 12 months; the enactment of the Whistleblower Act; the signing of Corporate Integrity Pledges and
Integrity Pacts; and the acceptance of open tenders publicised through the media for procurement exercises thus enhancing transparency and accountability. The endorsement of Transparency International’s Election Integrity Pledge, an affirmation of the government’s commitment to electoral ethics, is the latest example of its present battle against corruption.
At the same time, there has been a marked increase in the number of arrests of those allegedly involved in corruption including former political leaders, highly placed public servants, and top-notch corporate figures. Givers as well as takers of bribes are now nabbed regularly. It is because of these sustained efforts that Michael Hershman, one of the founders of Transparency International observed in an article in the Huffington Post (June 22 2012) that Malaysia has a “comprehensive anti-corruption system.”
In this regard, it is worth noting that Malaysia’s fight against corruption has been going on for more than four decades. Malaysia is one of the first countries in the Global South to have established an anti-corruption agency and formulated an anti-corruption law way back in 1967.Even before 2004, a number of Federal Ministers, Mentris Besar and State Executive Councillors have been tried and convicted for corruption.
Nonetheless, as many of us have been arguing for some time now much more can be done to curb this social malaise. Apart from effective enforcement that metes out stern punishment to the wrongdoer regardless of his status, we should also address some of the underlying causes of corruption such as the widening gap between the “have-a-lot” and the “have-a-little” which engenders a widespread feeling of relative deprivation which in turn prompts people to justify their corrupt acts. To make it worse, elite opulence which has become more pronounced in our society in recent years also feeds into this vice. At the same time, both the government and the opposition should craft a mechanism for financing general elections which would eliminate donations from business entities.
The public financing of elections as a concept was accepted by the Dewan Rakyat in April 2012. Whatever new measures are adopted to combat corruption, Malaysians should not be duped into believing that changing the government of the day is THE solution. Other democracies in Asia have tried. In India the Indian National Congress was ousted through the ballot-box in the seventies on an anti-corruption, anti-authoritarianism wave; the people discovered soon afterwards that the successor government was incapable of curbing the scourge. Similarly, in Japan, the people have come to realise that getting rid of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and replacing it with some other party has not helped to minimise the prevalence of graft which is embedded to a large extent in the incestuous relationship between business and legislative politics.
There is a reason why regime change per se in most cases does not result in the eradication of corruption. Regime change revolves around political actors. Political actors are focused upon power. And power, as the ancient adage goes, corrupts.
Even in our country we have seen this happening with the opposition parties which are now in power in four states. Vociferous opponents of corruption for the longest time, these parties are now forced to grapple with allegations of shady contracts, zoning irregularities and questionable land deals. Their claim to integrity is being challenged by segments of their own constituencies.
Indeed, how can Pakatan Rakyat project itself as a champion of probity when it is led by a Machleon (a Machiavellian Chameleon) with such a tarnished record on issues of ethics? When he was in power — an overly ambitious Cabinet Minister — he was allegedly involved in money politics and cronyism on a massive scale. In his book, The Mahathir Legacy A Nation Divided, a Region at Risk (Allen & Unwin, 2003) Ian Stewart observes, “While Anwar’s followers — as witnessed by myself and other journalists — were handing out packets of money to acquire the support of UMNO division leaders in his 1993 campaign against Ghafar Baba, Anwar himself was winning over influential people in the party by promising positions in the administration he would form when he took over from Dr. Mahathir.” (page 23).
Pakatan supporters insist that Anwar has changed after his incarceration from 1998 to 2004 and now walks the straight and narrow. In other words, like Saul on the road to Damascus, Anwar on the road to Putrajaya has become a paragon of virtue. Really? If that is so, how does one explain his September 16th saga in 2008 which was a blatant attempt to topple a legitimately elected government through the backdoor, employing allegedly unethical tactics? And what about the electoral fraud within his party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat, in 2010 or his approach to the recent defections of two Barisan Nasional leaders in Sabah to his side?
What this shows is that Anwar and Pakatan can lay no claim to the moral high ground in the battle against corruption. Voters should understand this. They should evaluate them for what they are and not be mesmerised by their words.
Dr. Chandra Muzaffar is President of JUST (The International Movement for a Just World) and has been a political commentator for more than four decades

Sumber:  Dr Chandra Muzzaffar

Lain Kalilah: Sinopsis awal punca kekalahan Calun2 Barisan di Parlimen Ampang, DUN Lembah Jaya dan DUN Bukit Antarabangsa

Wujudnya langsuir dari luar, iaitu pengundi Cina yang datang dari jauh macam ada satu pakatan Cina untuk menumpaskan orang Melayu mengambil balik, Dari awal pagi sebelum 730 pagi sudah ada barisan Cina yang tidak di kenali. Petugas PKR pun mengesahkannya mereka ini tidak pernah kelihatan terutama di Bukit Antarabangsa walaupun pada PRU12. Ini membuktikan bahawa Azmin Ali telah 'confident' sehingga beliau tidak perlu berkempen di Bukit kerana ada pakatan dengan DAP untuk mengapi2kan orang Cina keluar dan menentang orang Melayu diatas Bukit yang terang penduduk tidak sukakan Azmin dan Zuraidah kerana mereka ini tidak bekerja langsung untuk menyelesaikan masaalah2 asas di atas bukit.
Adalah amat hampa bagi komuniti Bukit Antarabangsa kerana mereka datang ini tidak tahu masaalah atas bukit dan hanya datang untuk membuang undi berdasarkan logo yang anti Barisan Nasional, sebagai simbol orang Melayu dan UMNO.
Setelah di sisasat dikalangan pengundi hantu atau langsuir, kononnya pernah tinggal di BA namun mereka dengan rela hati datang mengundi hanya disebabkan janji2 palsu DAP untuk mengambil alih kerajaan 'Melayu' kononnya.
Oleh kerana tsunami politik ini adalah tsunami 'yellow people' (sebab itu warna kuning untuk Bersih) , PRU13 kali ini adalah Pilihanraya  BN melawan orang Tionghua dimana orang Cina kalah teruk dalam pilihanraya ini.
Nasihat kepada mereka ini " Lain Kali lah" dan untuk orang Cina pro DAP, kami tidak mengatakan "Tidak ada sekali lagi lah". Kami akan membuktikan BN boleh memerintah tanpa bangsa Cina yang ramai telah menfaat dari Dasar Ekonomi Baru.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lain Kalilah: Sudah tiba masanya untuk kita ubahkan Pembangkang

Ada pelbagai cara untuk mengenal waktu. Ini salah satunya dan ia amat lucu.

Jangan lupa disebalik sesuatu yang poyo, ada waktu.

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