Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, June 27, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 is just a cover up of dirty tactics by the Oppositionists moving voters into areas like AMPANG and TERATAI. from Chinese surplus Bukit Bintang

"Attack is the best form of Defense". So they quote.

For many years and umpteen number of elections, the opposition has been saying this and that, of phantom voters.

But to say this again despite winning many seats in the last GE and the by-elections that led them controlling fives states, seem to be really ridiculous, and only serves to show the stupidity and the moral bottom of the opposition leaders. But much more, it shows how dumb the followers of these parties, especially PAS, who promise to turn out 50000 of its members, for the illegal demonstrations come 9 July 2011.

Knowing that the chairman organizing the illegal demonstration is a lawyer actively representing the Bar Council, the rakyat needs to know the role of the Bar Council who is supposed not to permit lawyers displaying such behaviour which goes beyond the law, otherwise our legal system will also be at stake. This is a basic foundation of anarchy;  when the lawyers themselves that represent the Bar Council that was supposed to lead by example to the lawyers, are themselves propagating lawlessness. This is definitely a gross CBT and the quality of lawyers, in terms of moral and greediness.

Shouldn't the lawyers be looking for the loopholes in our laws that will help the common people, like the basic legal fees which are so exorbitant that the fees are not within reach of the common people but only to those that can afford it. Mr Karpal Singh is one. He is said to be greasing his wheel chair for the occasion.

There are so many loopholes but yet these lawyers are not so eager to look into it. Most of these lawyers are ethically belong to certain group, which had themselves benefited from many years of affirmative actions propagated by the current Federal Government.

There are many who said that these organized demonstration is like a pre-emptive strike for the oppositions or opportunists, like the 'vote-cheating' YB Khassim of DUN Lembah Jaya and a female rep from DAP, T. Cock, who is actively helping the incumbent of Teratai, in migrating the surplus number of Chinese voters from Parliment Bukit Bintang to the constituency and about 1000 Chinese voters into Bukit Antarabangsa.

YB Khassim is said to be actively migrating the Indonesian Red Card holders, with the help from those who are PAS sympathizers within the Federal Governed SPR election machinery, with the sole objective of turning the red ICs to blue ones; and then later throw the blame on UMNO. Very smart indeed. Or is it very un-Islamic and very wrong.

With these reasons, one can question if the act of BERSIH 2.0 is just another pre-emptive strike by the Opposition using the Bar Council and foreign funds to shift the blame of dirty tactics to UMNO and BN whilst they themselves are UNCLEAN and UNETHICAL themselves? Shame of you. You should know that in Malaysia if you meet a snake and a Bar Concillor, the advise is, you should shoo (or shoot?) the later. Remember what one prominent statesman used to say,

"You should hang the lawyers"

The following YouTube demonstrates the basic concept for pre-emptive strategy:

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bradshaw Foundation: Bukti orang-orang Melayu juga mempopulasikan INDIA bukan sahaja China

Pengetahuaan yang saya perolehi adalah dari perkongsian maklumat dengan seorang proffessor dari Universiti of Pittsburgh, USA,
Saya telah ditunjukkan satu website yang mengaji perjalanan Manusia dari Afrika ke seluruh dunia.
Kajian ini telah menverifikasikan kajian HUGO, bahawa orang-orang Melayu bukan sahaja mempopulasikan benua kecil China, kaum ini juga telah mempopulaskan benua kecil India setelah semua keturunan migrasi Manusia dari Afrika terhapus akibat tiupan debu gunung berapi Gunung Toba.
Saya simpulkan kajian itu dengan screenshot yang saya petik dari portal itu.

1. Circa 85000-75000 tahun lalu: Perhijrahan dari Afrika-ke-SriLanka dan Indonesia

2. 75000 Tahun dahulu Mt Toba melutup. Manusia di India hapus. .
3. 74000-65000 Orang Melayu kemudian memrepopulasikan benua India dan selepas China
4.Dari India manusia seterusnya berhijrah ke Benua Eropah, China Jauh dan Amerika.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Akibat seks songsang, masyarakat purba POMPEII dimusnahkan oleh ALLAH.

Sesiapa yang berpeluang untuk melawat POMPEII mulalah dengan.lawatan ke gunung Vesuvius yang terletak megah disekitar bandaraya NAPOLI.

View Larger Map
POMPEII terletak diantara NAPOLI dan SORRENTO, satu bandar pelancungan, yang cantik dan bersih berbanding dengan NAPOLI.
NAPOLI walaupun salah bandaraya yang agak besar dan semestinya kita ingat bahawa bandar ini akan memberi impresi masyarakat progresif, namun pandangan itu amat meleset, kerana apa yang didapati adalh sebuah bandar yang amat kotor. Sehingga lapangan terbang pun tidak terurus dan ternyata putung2 rokok bertaburan seperti kita di Malaysia.. Kalau LEE KUAN YEW ke NAPOLI beliau pasti kena heart attack.
Saya akan cerita perihal NAPOLI dan SORRENTO di lain posting nanti.
Kota Lama POMPEII (POMPEII SCAVI atau POMPEII RUINS) adalah bekas tapak arkiologi yang amat luas dan mengambil masa antara 3-4 jam untuk melawat dan mengenali intipati masyarakat POMPEII ketika itu.
Antara yang menarik ialah struktur toko2 atau kedai2 runcit amat tidak jauh berbeza dengan kedai2 runcit kecil moden. Yang mesti lihat dan kalau tidak lihat tidak sah lawatan anda ialah bergambar dengan mayat2 yang bergelimpangan di timbus oleh lelahar gunung berapi. Yang masih ketara adalah tulang kaki yang masih terlekat di badan dan tidak terbakar menjadi abu.
Juga yang menarik adalah sebuah rumah perlacuran(?) atau rumah dimana mereka bertukar pasangan untuk kegiatan seks sumbang. Disekitar rumah perlacuran/rumah asmara ini terdapat berbagai lukisan2 seperti Karma Sutra yang bagaikan ensiklopedia seks bagi pengunjung2.
Apa yang juga diceritakan oleh masyarakat moden bukan sekadar menukar isteri dan suami sahaja, tetapi ada yang bertukarkan anak perempuan dan lelaki untuk melakukan kegiatan orgy. Kegiatan ini amat popular antara masyarakat POMPEII sehingga Raja ROM pun tidak dapat melarang.

Maka ALLAH telah melaknatkan bangsa ini dengan ledakan gunung berapi yang hanya disasarkan ke negara kecil POMPEII.

Jadi tidak lah mustahil sekiranya, kalau kita biarkan mana-mana pemimpin menjalankan kegiatan seks songsang tanpa tentangan kita, satu hari nanti tidak hairanlah kalau Gunung Tahan atau Gunung Jerai pun boleh tiba2 meletup.

Anda boleh seterusnya baca tentang POMPEII selanjutnya:

The history and art of the city

Article added on March 1, 2006
A short history of the city of Pompeii
Pompeii was once a flourishing port city overlooking the Sarno river valley. The origins of the town are unclear, but the oldest report date back to the end of the 7th century BC. It was a multicultural city with native, Etruscan and Greek influences.

At the end of the 5th century BC, the Samnite tribes came down from the mountains of Samnio and Irpinia and settled in the area of what is today known as the province of Campania (fertile plain), with Nuceria as its capital; today's regional capital is the city of Naples.

When Rome expanded towards southern Italy from 343 to 290 BC through a mix of alliances and military campaigns, Pompeii became an ally (socia) of the Roman political system (res publica). However, in 90 and 89 BC, the population of Pompeii and other cities rebelled, demanding equal social and political rights from Rome. Pompeii was besieged by Roman troops led by P. Cornelius Sulla and finally surrendered. It became a Roman colony named Cornelia Veneria Pompeianorum in 80 BC.

As a colony, Pompeii continued to flourish, especially under the reigns of the emperors of Octavian Augustus (from 27 BC to 14 AD) and Tiberius (from 14 AD to 37 AD). In 62, a violent earthquake struck the entire Vesuvian area. Reconstruction was not finished when on August 24, 79 AD the city of Pompeii was buried under ash and rock.

The city was only rediscovered in the 16th century. The exploration of the site only began in 1748 under the reign of the King of Naples Charles III of Bourbon. Today, some 3/4 of the 66 ha of the city of Pompeii have been excavated, whereas in nearby Erolano 2/3 of the city still lay under the ground of the present day city.

Pompeii was covered by some 6m of ashes and rock, killing some 20,000 people, whereas in nearby Ercolano some 5,000 people died in the days following under a 20 meter high pyroclastic mudslide caused by the volcanic eruption; over the years, the material was transformed into an impressive 20m wall of tuff covering the site.

A few of the many sites to visit in Pompeii

Among the many valuable archaeological sites to visit in the Pompeii, one has to mention the Temple of Venus. The goddess Venus was the protectress of Lucius Cornelius Sulla as well as of the city of Pompeii. The Temple of Venus was built on the western edge of the city's hill during the early part of the Sullan colony in 80 BC.

Another outstanding site are the Suburban baths. Built from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AC on an artificial terrace facing the sea, they feature richly decorated bathing rooms. The Suburban baths include a warm indoor pool and a small cold pool with painted walls ending in a niche with a waterfall supplied by an imitation cave, decorated with a mosaic depicting the Roman God Mars and cherub angels. The cold room (frigidarium) is decorated with stucco squares. The dressing room features 16 panels with erotic scenes, including one with two women engaging in Lesbian sex, unique in Roman painting.

The Forum baths were built after 80 BC, following the layout of the larger Stabian baths: the men's and women's sections are separated and located on the sides of the furnaces. The dressing room (apodyterium) is followed by the cold bathing room (frigidarium), the warm room (tepidarium) and the hot room (caldarium). The Forum baths also feature a porticoed palaestra, which can be entered from Via del Foro or the men's dressing room. The warm room was heated by a large bronze brazier.

With its 2970 square meters, the House of the Faun is the largest house in Pompeii. It was built by an unknown wealthy owner over a previous dwelling in the early 2nd century BC. Its mosaic threshold is now on display at the Museum of Archaeology of the City of Naples. In the atrium's low basin (impluvium) stands a bronze statue of the faun (the original is exhibited in Naples). Between two porticoed gardens is the exedra, the core of the house, with Corinthian columns, stuccoed, painted capitals and an outstanding mosaic (exhibited in Naples' Museum of Archaeology) depicting the victory of Alexander the Great over Darius, the King of Persia.

Another famous site is the Lupanare, built in the city's final days. Lupa is the Latin word for prostitute. The Lupanare was Pompeii's only brothel specifically designed for this purpose, and the largest of the some 25 brothels of the city; the other brothels were simply single rooms or part of the top floor of a shop. The stone beds at the Lupanare were covered by mattresses. The walls were decorated with paintings depicting different erotic positions. The prostitutes were slaves, mostly of Greek and Oriental origin.

Pompeii's Great Theatre was built in the 2nd century BC. It could hold some 5000 spectators. Among the works performed here were popular farces in the Oscan language, plays, mimes and pantomimes with dancing and music. The Small Theatre was built around 80 BC, in the early years of the Sullan colony. According to inscriptions, it had a roof and was probably used for musical performances and poetry readings.

The Temple of Isis testifies to the fact that Egyptian divinities were venerated by the Romans too. It was built at the 2nd century BC and rebuilt immediately after the earthquake in 62 AD by N. Popidius Ampliatus, who gave credit to his son Celsinus to advance the latter's political career. Statues of Anubis and Harpokrates greeted the visitors near the entrance of the temple. A fenced area with a water basin was used for purification rites (purgatorium).

In addition to the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Ercolano, don't miss to visit the Museum of Archaeology of the City of Naples, where most of the finds of Pompeii and Ercolano are exhibited.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Politik Jujur dan Amanah atau Poltik Cucuk dan Fitnah?

Kawah bekas Gunung Berapi Pompeii, Itali
Apaitu jujur dan apa itu amanah kalau sendiri cakap tak serupa bikin.

Apakah itu jujur, bila dicakap lain di buatnya lain?
Umpamanya, adakah seseorang itu jujur bila:
1. memuji Timbalan Ketua Bahagian, sedangkan dibelakang mengusul pemecatan beliau dengan secara terang-terang dan sepanjang tahun, memfitnahkan beliau menyeleweng wang?
2. Membohong dengan memberi fakta yang berbeza-beza pada hari lain dan masa lain, bagaikan sesumpah yang yang bertukar warna pada bila-bila masa?

Dan adakah seseorang itu amanah bila di lantik tapi tidak pikul tanggungjawab cawangan yang diberikan. Mempertikaikan usul yang telah di bahaskan dan juga mewakili ajen-ajen lain.

Dalam berpolitik mesti ada tatacara. Mesti ada 'gentleman'. Dalam perpaduan mesti ada setiakawan.

Tiada setiakawan tiada perpaduan. Inilah resipinya.

Tiada setiakawan bila seseorang itu memburukkan cawangan lain, mencuri ahli dan suka memdabik dada dan lebih2 lagi bila seseorang itu bagaikan pengemis pinta belas kasihan.

Apakah perjuangan kalau yang diminta balasan projek berjuta-juta?

Apakah amanah kalau dana untuk yang miskin dan patut dibela di rakuskan demi menjalankan aktivti 'syok' sendiri dan 'silap mata'. Adakah sikap mendabik dada dan memecahbelahkan ummah sudah di bukti bahawa sejak kebelakangan ini masyarakat Bukit Antarabangsa tidak sokong mana-mana pihak yang kerjanya menggunakan masjid untuk pecah belah kan umat di tempat2 ibadah di Bukit Antarabangsa?

Sejak 1995 di BA, perjuangan2 UMNO ini tidak gentar berjuang walaupun tanah runtuh didepan mata, tiada kecut telur,tiada yang lari, tahu bila nak berjuang untuk bangsa, dan tahu bila berjuang untuk parti.

Itulah Melayu sebenar yang tidak akan tertipu untuk mengkhinat bangsa walaupun dengan segunung emas dan berlian. Kalaupun tertipu, pandai2lah minta maaf pada nusa dan bangsa.

Pada mereka-mereka yang tidak sedar2 sila layar ke Inilah akibat satu kaum di Itali yang mengamalkan seks songsang dan telah di hapuskan oleh Allah dengan bencana gunung berapi. Di Itali, cilinya lain dan pedasnya pun lain.
Apakah kemurkaan ALLAH akan muncul sebegini sekiranya kita biarkan seks songsang seorang pemimpin berterusan?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Siri Hikayat MERENG Mahawangsa 1

Mulai hari ini akan saya paparkan satu siri yang menunujukkan kemerengan pihak-pihak tertentu terhadap sesuatu isu.
Mari kita mula dengan Bob Lokman,seorang artist yang telahpun keluar dari dunia artis sebagai pelawak tapi kini menjadi court jester atau badut politik bagi satu parti juga yang sudah mereng.
Jadi tak payah lah kita nak komen apa 2pun terhadap kenyataan  mereka ini dah terang 2 bodoh. Habis beras aje.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Konsep 'Welfare State' PUKISem (dulu PAS) lebih merugikan dari mengungtungkan. PAS Sudah buta hati.

Sedikit sebanyak tentang konsep 'Negeri Kebajikan' yang dipetik dari wikipedia.
Kalau dari performance data kerajaan BN, konsep ini telah lama dipraktikkan oleh kerajaan BN namun mungkin dengan kebengappan mereka yang dikatakan bijakpandai dari PUKISem (dulu PAS) yang hanya tahu berkata tapi tidak pernah berdiri dibumi nyatakan, ungappan 'negara kebajikan ini hanya dari segi nama sahaja, sebagaiman negeri Islam Kelantan yang dikatakan sebagai serambi mekah tapi berkeliaran dengan pelacur2 yang tanpa segan silu berniaga didepan bangunan kerajaan negeri.

Selam berpuluh tahun memerintah, satu masjid pun tak dibina dalam menyebar syiar Islam dan sistem perjambananan yang amat kotor.

Apa taknya dengan MB Nik Aziz yang masih mengamalkan rasuah dan kronisma dalam pemberian lesen balak kepada menantu dan anak2nya. (Lain kali saya akan ceritakan pengalaman rakan saya (ahli PUKIsem) yang di tendang sana sini dan berjumpa dengan Nik Aziz-Nak tahu apa kata Nik Aziz, nanti saya akan ceritakan dalam blog posting yang lain)

Nik Aziz, memang sudah terang lagi bersuluh, adalah musuh nombor satu Islam. Bersama2 pemimpin PUKISem yang lain, mereka ini jamgankan mengikut pegang tali Allah tapi melakukan sebaliknya dan lebih utamakan perbalahan dari perpaduan Ummah.

Dengan kenyataan yang bengap dari Hadi Awang dan Anwarista yang lain, hanya satu yang kita boleh katakan disini, PAS bukan lah dipimpin oleh mereka2 yang berprogresif malah nampaknya mereka2 ini sebenarnya telah menerajangkan PAS (kini PUKISem) kepada 60 tahun kebelakang dan ditambahkan pula dengan citarasa meliwat.

Memang benar kalau ALLAH hendak butakan hati mereka, ALLAH dapa melakukannya dengan sekejap sahaja.
Critics of the welfare state argue that such a system will make citizens dependent on the system and less inclined to work. However, certain studies indicate there is no association between economic performance and welfare expenditure in developed countries,[25] and that there is no evidence for the contention that welfare states impede progressive social development. R. E. Goodin et al., in The Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism,[26] compares the United States, which spends relatively little on social welfare (less than 17 percent of GDP), with other countries which spend considerably more. This study claims that on some economic and social indicators the United States performs worse than the Netherlands, which has a high commitment to welfare provision.
However, the United States, until the financial crisis of 2007–2010 which brought a significant fall in GDP, led most welfare states on certain economic indicators, such as GDP per capita, with the notable exception of Scandinavian countries, where Norway for example has significantly higher GDP per capita.[27] Until the recession of 2008 brought about a significant rise in unemployment in the USA, the United States also had a low unemployment rate and a high GDP growth rate, at least in comparison to other developed countries (its growth rate, however, is lower than many welfare states which grow from a lower base and may benefit from recent economic liberalizations, further U.S. GDP per capita is sometimes 20-30% higher than that of welfare states).[27] The United States also had led some welfare states in the ownership of consumer goods. For example, compared to some welfare states, it has more TVs per capita,[28] more personal computers per capita,[29] and more radios per capita.[30]
Socialists criticize welfare state programs as concessions made by the capitalist class in order to divert the working class and middle class away from wanting to pursue a completely new socialist organization of the economy and society, for which it had been historically used in Germany by Bismarck along with his anti-socialist laws. Furthermore, socialists believe social programs are an attempt to "patch up" the ineffective capitalist market economy, therefore only treating the symptoms rather than the cause. By implementing public or cooperative ownership of the means of production, socialists believe there will be no need for a welfare state.[31] Marxists further argue that welfare states and modern social democratic policies limit the incentive system of the market by providing things such as minimum wages, unemployment insurance, taxing profits and reducing the reserve army of labor, resulting in capitalists having little incentive to invest; in essence, social welfare policies cripple the capitalist system and its incentive system, the only solution being a socialist economic system.[32]
Another criticism characterizes welfare as theft of property or forced labor (i.e. slavery). This criticism is based upon the classical liberal human right to obtain and own property, wherein every human being owns his body, and owns the product of his body's labor (i.e. goods, services, land, or money). It follows that the removal of money by any state or government mechanism from one person to another is argued to be theft of the former person's property or a requirement to perform forced labor for the benefit of others, and thus is a violation of his property rights or his liberty, even if the mechanism was legally established by a democratically elected assembly.[citation needed] In April, 2010, the Associated Press reported that 47% of US households will pay no federal income taxes at all for 2009.[33] In his book, The Servile State, English political writer Hilaire Belloc makes his case for the natural instability of pure capitalism and discusses how (as he believes) attempts to reform capitalism will lead almost inexorably to an economy where state regulation has removed the freedom of capitalism and thereby replaced capitalism with what he calls the Servile State. According to Belloc, the Servile State shares with ancient slavery the fact that positive law (as opposed to custom or economic necessity by themselves) dictates that certain people will work for others, who likewise must take care of them. Ergo, according to Belloc, the welfare state may leads to a kind of serfdom where one group works to support another group that does not work.
A third criticism is that the welfare state allegedly provides its dependents with a similar level of income to the minimum wage. Critics argue that fraud and economic inactivity are apparently quite common now in the United Kingdom and France[citation needed]. Some conservatives in the UK claim that the welfare state has produced a generation of dependents who, instead of working, rely solely upon the state for income and support; even though assistance is only legally available to those unable to work. The welfare state in the UK was created to provide certain people with a basic level of benefits in order to alleviate poverty, but that as a matter of opinion has been expanded to provide a larger number of people with more money than the country can ideally afford. Some feel that this argument is demonstrably false: the benefits system in the UK provides individuals with considerably less money than the national minimum wage, although people on welfare often find that they qualify for a variety of benefits, including benefits in-kind, such as accommodation costs which usually make the overall benefits much higher than basic figures show.[34][35]
A fourth criticism of the welfare state is that it results in high taxes. This is usually true,[citation needed] as evidenced by places like Denmark (tax level at 48.9% of GDP in 2007)[36] and Sweden (tax level at 48.2% of GDP in 2007).[36]
A fifth criticism of the welfare state is the belief that welfare services provided by the state are more expensive and less efficient than the same services would be if provided by private businesses. In 2000, Louis Kaplow and Steven Shavell published two papers stating that any social policy based on such concepts as justice or fairness would result in an economy which is Pareto inefficient.[citation needed] Anything which is supplied free at the point of consumption would be subject to artificially high demand, whereas resources would be more properly allocated if provision reflected the cost.[citation needed]
The most extreme criticisms of states and governments are made by anarchists, who believe that all states and governments are undesirable and/or unnecessary. Some socialist anarchists believe that while social welfare gives a certain level of independency from the market and individual capitalists, it creates dependence to the state, which is the institution that, according to this view, supports and protects capitalism in the first place. Nonetheless, according to Noam Chomsky, "social democrats and anarchists always agreed, fairly generally, on so-called 'welfare state measures'" and "Anarchists propose other measures to deal with these problems, without recourse to state authority."[37] Some socialist anarchists believe in stopping welfare programs only if it means abolishing government and capitalism as well.[38]

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yang ketara adalah penolakan beruk Nizar oleh ahli-ahli PAS. Goodbye Beruk!!

Kita tidak terkejut beruk Nizar mantan Menteri Besar DAP bertopengkan Islam munafik terkeluar dari senarai Jawatankuasa PAS pusat.
Nizar, graduan Aston University, UK ini memang patut dikeluarkan memandangkan tingkah laku yang tidak serupa manusia dengan aksi terus menerus menghina Sultan Perak dan juga dalam Parlimen.
Lepas ini Nizar kamu boleh lah jadi kera kena belacan masuk kedalam hutan join siamang, ok.

See you.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bekas dituduh penzina dan bermain isteri orang dan musuh ketat Anwar jadi Naib Parti Kebajikan! Adakah bala akan menimpa?

PAS akur taktik menggunakan Islam untuk berkuasa tidak di terima oleh ALLAH. Kini menggunakan taktik komunis untuk berkuasa bersama DAP dan PKR.
Kita tidak hairan mengapa PAS gagal dengan menggunakan ISLAM demi untuk berkuasa kerana kita tahu ALLAH maha berkuasa dan telahpun memberi pentunjuk kepada mereka bahawa perjuangan menggunakan nama Islam itu untuk tujuan politik tidak terima oleh orang2 Islam yang waras.
Kini mereka berubah taktik kebajikan pulak. Adakah mereka akan tukar nama kepada Parti Utama Kebajikan Islamiah SeMalaysia (PUKISem)? Kita hanya boleh menunggu dan lihat.
Apakah wadah yang akan dibawa oleh Parti kebajikan ini? Adakah dia akan bermiripkan parti Kebajikan ala di Turki yang kemudian di haramkan di Turki?
Dan apakah wadah akan di bawa oleh Mat Sabu yang sudah terbilang kononnya bermain dengan isteri orang dan pernah di tangkap atas tuduhan khalwat.
Kita juga tertanya2 adakah mantan Timbalan Hardy, Nash Yesus di buang kerana dikatakan cuba untuk menjadi seorang Islam yang mengutamakan perpaduan umat Islam sebagaimana yang dikehendakki oleh ALLAH. Sesungguhnya, yang menang adalah bagi mereka yang berteraskan perpaduan walaupun mereka kalah di kotak undi. Semoga ALLAH memberi kekuatan bagi mereka untuk meneruskan agenda perpaduan dan membalas jihad mereka di akhirat nanti.

Tahniah kepada Mat Sabu, Husam Musa, Salahuddin Ayob dan Mahfuz Omar selain Abdul Hadi Awang kerana menjadi TOP 5 dalam barisan kepimpinan baru Parti Islam Se-Malaysia yang sepatutnya kini sudah bertukar menjadi Parti Islam-Melayu (Kebajikan-Cina India) Se-Malaysia.

Begitu juga dengan nama-nama lain yang menduduki kerusi AJK PAS Pusat selain Siti Zailah Yusoff yang berjaya menamatkan hanyir kangkang Elizabeth Wong yang masih melekap ke badan Nuridah. Tidak dilupakan juga kepada Nasruddin Tantawi yang menang tanpa bertanding, Nik Abduh anak lelaki Nik Abdul Aziz dan anak lelaki Hadi Awang yang melengkapkan ludah PAS kepada UMNO yang kini terpalit ke muka sendiri!

PAS sedang mengalami transformasi yang begitu besar. Ucapan Dasar Presiden telah pun diterjemahkan oleh perwakilan dengan pemilihan barisan baru kepimpinan. Mujur jugalah Dewan Ulama dan jawatan Mursyidul Am tidak dipertandingkan. Kalau tidak, mungkin juga nama Harun Din dan Nik Abdul Aziz bakal tercampak sama.

Tugas utama yang sedang menanti barisan kepimpinan PAS sekarang adalah mencari jalan dan alasan untuk mengatakan pelaku di dalam video seks yang dikaitkan dengan Anwar Ibrahim, bukanlah Anwar Ibrahim. Biarpun sebelum ini, ramai pemimpin PAS yang cuba berselindung di sebalik dalih-dalih agama dalam usaha membela Anwar Ibrahim daripada video lucah tersebut tetapi mereka gagal mengaitkan kepimpinan Anwar yang diragui berikutan ketiadaan moralnya serta hujah mereka sendiri ketika melakukan pendedahan yang mengaibkan apabila membabitkan pemimpin UMNO-BN.

Namun tugas yang paling utama ialah memastikan sokongan Melayu-Islam kepada DAP dan PKR. Atas nama kesetiaan kepada Pakatan Rakyat, barisan baru kepimpinan PAS yang dilihat bakal membawa PAS ke satu haluan yang lebih terbuka, mampu menjadikan PAS sebagai sebuah wadah berbilang kaum dengan menggunakan dua label berlainan iaitu Islam untuk Melayu dan Kebajikan untuk bukan Melayu.

Untuk khalayak Islam, ceramah-ceramah akan disampaikan dalam bentuk ceramah agama dengan menegaskan bahawa PAS adalah Islam dan memilih PAS bererti memilih untuk mengangkat martabat Islam di negara ini. Oleh kerana itu, memilih PAS adalah WAJIB SYARIE dan tidak boleh DIUZURKAN walau apa cara sekalipun.

Namun untuk khalayak bukan Islam pula, akan diberitahu tentang Kebajikan. Tentang tiadanya Negara Islam dalam al Quran. Tentang tidak perlu dibimbangi tentang Negara Kebajikan kerana Kebajikan lebih AD-DEEN berbanding Islam dan lebih syumul. Antara Negara Islam dan Negara Kebajikan, sebenarnya tiada beza kerana kedua-duanya adalah untuk kesejahteraan manusia sejagat. Islam juga seperti sistem-sistem ciptaan manusia yang lain, boleh diubah-ubah jenamanya mengikut kesesuaian.

Itu tugas-tugas yang menanti barisan kepimpinan baru PAS. Sokongan pasti akan bertambah hangat buat PAS yang beranjak keluar daripada garisan tradisional dan kejumudan mereka dari tahun 1951 sehinggalah sekarang!

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