Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steadyaku:Anwar & Azmin is the problem not the solution for PKR!

Steady aku ni dulu memang pengikut setia. Maklumlah satu batch MCKK, rasa saya. Tetapi sejak kebelakangan bro Hussein Hamid, ini telah mengamuk sikit pasal Anwar.

Maklumlah, manusia tidak sempurna.
Tetapi dia pun dah lama kelamaan bosan dengan kerenah dan tindak tanduk DSAI yang lebih memecahkan dari menyatukan umat Islam dan Melayu.

Kini, tembelang DSAI sudah pecah. Dialah yang memulakan money politics dalam UMNO dan telahpun merosakkan etika pemiihan dalam PKR, dimana beliaulah orang bersama Azmin akan mengaturkan strategi siapa yang perlu mencabar siapa dan kemudian siapa yang perlu step down last minit sebagaimana berlaku semasa pemilihan ketua AMK bilamana Rafizi menarik diri walaupun dari awal beliau di suruh oleh DSAI untuk masuk gelanggang.

Ini percaturan dalam PKR, yang dimainkan oleh DSAI dan Azmin Ali. Soldadu atau Pawn yang lain tidak tahu mereka di peralatkan tapi kini dibongkar oleh Steadyaku.

From his time in Abim until today DSAI has lived his life adjusting to circumstances of his own making because of choices he has made with his life. And these choices had one common denominator – one vested interest – HIMSELF – he left ABIM because he wanted to change UMNO from within (so he says!). He does not want to go against Ghaffar Baba but then they wanted him to be DPM (so he says!). He wants to be defecto leader of PKR. He wants Azmin as his deputy. He wants to be leader of the Opposition. And now he wants to be Prime Minister? It has always been about Anwar Ibrahim and not about anybody else!

There are many of us who know Anwar for what he is and we think that PM material he is not! You cannot live a lie in the world that we now live in without that lie being uncovered sooner or later. If America can find Saddam Hussein and Osama ben Ladin, if Gadaffi can be ousted and then killed, If PKR can dig so much dirt on NFC, if the President of MCA can unwittingly find himself on camera at his most vulnerable moment - how soon do you think before everyone knows the truth about Anwar? And what is the truth about Anwar?

For Malaysian who can reason what is right and what is wrong many have already form their own conclusion of DSAI. I wager that many will question the sanity of allowing DSAI to be Prime Minister of our nation and many will stand in his way if he insists.

To be accused of sodomy the first time can be excused as being the act of a deranged Mahathir who had patiently waited 16 years to use the sodomy charge against Anwar – a charge Mahathir knew Anwar was guilty of BEFORE he took Anwar into UMNO as confirmed by the Special Branch assessment Mahathir requested of Anwar.

To be charged a second time for sodomy is stupidity to the extreme and smacks of a recklessness that should send red flags over Anwar’s competency to be in control of himself when left to his own devices!

We know the circumstances of sodomy two.

At best DSAI made an error of judgement for putting himself in a situation that allowed Saiful to take his case to the Judiciary  - at worst the act of a man who has not learnt his lesson from sodomy one. Either way you work out for yourself if this is, or is not, the act of someone with his brains caught in his zipper!

For those of you that are upset that I chose again to talk about these matters try to understand this: We are agreed that it is anybody’s right to do what he or she wants to do in the privacy of their bedroom with any sexual partner or partners he or she chooses to do it with. But Anwar is not anybody! He wants to be Prime Minister of a Malaysia that has Islam as its official religion and he says he is a Muslim.

Islam does not allow sodomy. No ifs no buts… so can you work out in your head why sodomy and Islam is not compatible? Now do you understand why this sodomy accusation is such a big deal? It is not a question about choices one makes in life – it is a question of ethics, adherence to your religious edicts and decorum in the country you live in. If you insist on indulging in sodomy go live elsewhere where it is legal to do so!

Okay….so DSAI has not been convicted of sodomy! Right! Mahathir, Najib, Pak Lah, Muhyiddin and the whole bloody gang at UMNO have never been convicted of corruption or money politics – except for that ex MB of Negri Sembilan who is now head of Felda!  Does that mean they are not corrupt?

Rahim Thamby Chik has never been convicted of raping an underage Malay School girl while he was Chief Minister of Malacca – does that mean he is not a paedophile?

So please grow up and stop ignoring the elephant in the room! You will have to use your own common sense to dot the i’s and pangkah the t’ and after you do that maybe you will get that “EUREKA” moment about Anwar Ibrahim.      

DSAI has cried ‘WOLF’ too many times. I suggest you all wake yourself from the slumber you are in and with clarity of mind and purpose, ask yourself if this guy deserves the accolades, the respect and the reverence that so many of you still gives him.

Let us look at some of the things that have transpired in PKR and Selangor.

Anwar and Azmin diligently conspired and colluded with others within PKR to determine the results of PKR’s party elections – a party election that UMNO itself would have been proud to host! The cost to PKR is credibility lost as it continues its downward slide towards the abyss of political gains to pander to the self-interest of Anwar and Azmin.

Anwar and Azmin has personally profited and diverted business opportunities within Selangor to profit not the people of Selangor but themselves and their cronies. Anwar and Azmin are the chief culprit of this deception. Go read what Petra has to say on this. I know this happens but Petra has the evidence.

Khalid as MB should have known about this deception. If he knew and kept quiet he is guilty of collusion. If he did not know then he is guilty of gross negligence! We will wait for Khalid’s version of how he intends to play this out but anyway you look at it we begin to understand why UMNO thinks that Selangor is there for the taking!  

Anwar and Azmin is as classic a combination as Sharizat and her husband are in the NFC debacle. Sharizat the wife claims that she does not know what her husband is doing. Believe Sharizat and you will believe what Anwar and Azmin (who are NOT husband and wife!) has to say about corruption in the Selangor State government.

Do not tell me that Anwar as the Economic Czar of Selangor does not know what Azmin, who is PKR’s head honcho in Selangor, is doing under his watch?

Now you know why these two need each other in PKR and in Selangor. Azmin and Anwar and Anwar and Azmin! Together they watch each other’s back and hopefully do nothing else with their back or to their back!

Since DSAI’s triumph at the 12th general election we are again privy to witness how he does things.

As with ABIM, and then UMNO, and then the Reformasi movement, then PKR, Pakatan Rakyat and now Selangor – DSAI always begins well.

But soon he begins to corrupt these organizations by installing his own questionable values and the declines starts! Oh what a tangled web he weaves once he sets out to deceive.

Pakatan Rakyat has not gone from strength to strength since the 12th general election under the leadership of Anwar. DAP has and PAS has but not Pakatan Rakyat.

From his ill fated announcement of the takeover of the Federal Government, his taking of refuge in the Turkish embassy, the ill advised Anwar led exposure by Bala of the Altanatuya murder, the loss of Perak, the Carcosa Tapes – all these incidents have embarrass Pakatan Rakyat and us.

We have all been embarrassed not only by the spectacle of DSAI being on trial for sodomy two but also all of the above!

But Pakatan Rakyat has DAP and Pas – Kit Siang and Hadi – it will survive.

PKR only has Anwar for now! How soon, like everything that Anwar has been involved in – how soon before PKR bites the dust? This exposure by Petra of PKR’s  Selangor is a case in point. In as long as Anwar can keep the lid on things, PKR will lurch from one potential disaster to another. The last potential disaster was his sodomy trial….and now Selangor.

And after allegations of corruption by PKR in Selangor what?

Maybe after Selangor there may be nothing left in PKR that is worth saving!

While there is still this tolerance towards you by many because of what you have done to put together Pakatan Rakat you must also understand that this affection for you is not open ended.

You are not the warrior we had hoped you will be to fight our fight against UMNO.

You are no longer the person that has been relentlessly persecuted by the powers that be because we now know that you, and you alone, is the architect of your own political demise.

And all you have left to ruin is PKR.  

Let us now watch what Anwar will do. Will he do to PKR what he has done to his political future? A future that was once was so bright but now forever taken from his sight!

I hope Anwar will see the writing on the wall that says “ENOUGH”. Anwar and Azmin are the problem not the solution to PKR’s current malaise.

Nurrul Izzah is the solution.

Ignore these equations to your peril Anwar and if you do…tiada maaf bagi mu!

Not from Azizah, Nurrul or your family. Not from those that still believe that PKR can still be relevant. Not from Pakatan Rakyat and certainly not from the people who will chose their government at the next general election.

Sumber: Steadyaku 

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