Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Saturday, February 4, 2012

KJ vs Rafizi Ramli: Who really does understand strategy literally?

Head Note: My first rule in life is never trust a debater. They will tell you what you want you to hear. Rafizi and Anwar were one. My remarks are after the video -SBA.

Vision 2020, as the name suggest, is a vision, of what we want to be in a long term . Specifically, in 2020.
What you aim most probably is not what you are going to get?
Objectives are more potentially be met as it a is a shorter term goal. A good strategist will adjust to time as time has proven time and time again, adjustments had to take due to changes in enveironment. Only through changes can we progress.
This is normal and a good strategist should be able re-strategise according to the changes in the macro environments.
Has Rafizi done any better as he is now in Selangor? Saving money does not bring development. Spending is. Intelligently, off course.

Strategy comes from  Greek word,
The word strategy derives from the Greek "στρατηγία" (strategia), "office of general, command, generalship",[2] in turn from "στρατηγός" (strategos), "leader or commander of an army, general",[3] a compound of "στρατός" (stratos), "army, host" + "ἀγός" (agos), "leader, chief",[4] in turn from "ἄγω" (ago), "to lead". (Source: wiki)

Who is a better person that understands what is a strategy? A good government changes with times. A bad one always dream and never change.

Bill Withers once said, "even if you are on a right time, you'll get run over if you just sit there". That is exactly what RR is saying, the launching of Buku Jingga will fix their policies ironically, which means what they are saying PAS views on Islam , PKR on pluralisme and DAP on Christianity, will be great contradictions to these policies.

They have too many fundamentals policies, which are clearly contradict and out of sync. RR pointed out aptly that he spent so many times in Pakatan Rakyat meeting rather than his PKR just meant that there more contradicting policies that require ironing out. TIll now, they can't even come out and register under one banner.

Wawasan 2020 is a vision and 1Malaysia is a 5-year plan or so. Both have  similar objectives, but are different with respect to time and levels.
1Malaysia is of a shorter period plan and more like a goal or mission. It is like the difference between a program and a project. They  to some sound the same but actually different, that require difference approaches. The former is fixed in target but deadline can be changed. The other calls for changes in strategy when strategic drivers are better understand and can be  forecast accurately.

PR in being too visionary has no real metrics and checkpoints on its  road map.

BN has a vision, strategies and the right places and steered with KPI monitoring system in place (GTP) which works like rudder to always steer the country to the desired destination.
So, who is the better government, now?
Vote BN.

SBA has an MBA in Strategic Planning from Australia.

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