Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Singaporeans are slow and stupid

As the proverb, "What goes around comes around". Dulu Melayu Singapura dipersendakan. Jadi, sekarang giliran mereka pula. Yang untung rakyat China. Dah lah mereka kian maju Singapura masih takut dengan kepulauan Melayu yang telah menunjukkan sikap toleransi yang tinggi. 
PAP dan LKY tidak mahu melihat Melayu maju kerana Melayu itu Islam dan tindaka Islamophobia yang telah disematkan ke sanubari mereka ini sejak berkurun lama nampaknya memakan diri sendiri. Singapura seharusnya mempertingkatkan peluang Bumiputera Singapura dengan mengadakan dana biasiswa agar mereka ini dapat kemenara gading and memberi khidmat sepenuhnya.

Apakah kita mahu memaafkan DAP yang sekian lama berfikir seperti PAP?
Sumber: TR
Two lecturers purportedly from the People’s Republic of China (PRC) were overheard making uncomplimentary remarks about Singaporean students, calling them “stupid and slow”.
According to the netizen who posted on STOMP his ‘encounter’ on Bus 179 heading to Boon Lay Interchange, the two lecturers, who were on the same bus were speaking with an accent and talking so loudly they could be heard from five seats away.
The netizen said that it was because of this that he overheard them commenting that Singaporean students are “stupid” and slow learners, lamenting that they could not complete their teaching syllabus because of this.
He also overheard them criticising Nanyang Technological University’s (NTU) administration system and deemed it inferior to that of a similar, but supposedly faster system in China.
From their conversation, the netizen deduced that the two lecturers are apparently from NTU.
On the Net, many netizens have nothing good to say about these two PRC lecturers from China:
Ricky Tee: Singapore students are not slow and stupid. It’s these China lecturer (who) are not qualified to teach in Singapore with their poor command of English. And also it could be their teaching skills are under par, unprofessional & they cannnot speak properly. Only know how to put the blame on the students.
Anna Hokage: Agree with you, Ricky. The best benefit that Singaporeans will get is when these thick skin people from China go back to where they belong. Saving us a lot of space. One good solution for us also (I’d say thick skin because they have the cheek to belittle us while relying on our country for their food!).
Robin Low: Not so right to bad-mouth his students publicly. Some of them may have the qualifications but cannot teach as they do not have the passion. They are just looking for money and, also, hoping that Singapore acts as a springboard for them to move over to the States, Canada or other countries. Ethically, this bunch of intellectual ‘idiots’ were wrongly recruited into Singapore. Just because PRC’s economics have had performed well, they think they are more superior than us and start making arrogant criticisms at others.
Outraged by the behaviour of these two lecturers, netizens are also calling on NTU to take disciplinary action against them.
A netizen by the name of Colin Foo best sums up the feelings of the netizens posting online commenting on these two PRC lecturers: “Go back to China if they feel this way, no ones forcing you to teach here.”

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