Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Zul Nordin may need to do a lot of homework before coming to the masses with his kind of speeches.

Let us hear what Dr Raffick's points are before giving out my opinion.


Last night, Zulkifli Nordin came to BA. The banners say that he will talk about current issues. Since my daughter is a school debater, I decided to take her along and gave her a first hand exposure on Malaysian politician. We were there at 810pm and he showed up an hour late. His talk could be heard right up to the BA mosque. After listening for 45 minutes, my 15 years old daughter felt ask me to leave, as he was not talking about current issues. He was simply demonizing Anwar Ibrahim based on his personal relationship with Anwar and did nothing more than character assassination. There is no way for anyone to verify what he had said. I doubt he would be a reliable source of information.
Among others my daughter commented that this guy has a poor leadership quality because he cannot come on time. His talk was not on current issues but centered around demonizing Anwar and playing the race and religion issue. She commented what kind of person who wears a skull-cap (kopiah) that starts his speech with lengthy verse of the Quran and than attacked another person in such a manner. Doesn’t he know that it reflects poorly on his own personality? Is he showing a good example as a Muslim? Can’t he put up a case professionally without any character assassination? He is a bad example to Islam and to the Malay community at large.
Personally I felt, Zulkifli Noordin is a liability to UMNO. His speech may well be accepted in a small village of Cherok Tok Kun. He can talk about race and religion and swayed the thought of the people there but in a populace of educated people, one would expect a learned person like him to argue any issues professionally. This was the major missing ingredient last night. Zulkifli Noordin could well be one of many weapons that UMNO has but judging from last night event he was deployed to the wrong crowd. My daughter commented that “Is this all the Malay politicians are capable off i.e attacking people and only talk in a narrow manner about race and religion?
Seriously, I think UMNO strategist need to revisit their methodologies. They need to find suitable leaders to address different communities on different issues. There are plenty of good UMNO leaders out there that speak professionally. If these people were brought in on current issues, it would augur well for UMNO. It would have sent a strong and positive image of UMNO at time when they need to shore up their image. Last night event was a lost opportunity for UMNO. I guess many came and enjoyed the Nasi Lemak and the jokes. I wonder how many of the adults who attended the event shares the same views as my 15 year old girl.

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While I do agree to a certain extent, I also had been talking to others known to be very critical of Anwar.

It seems that for those who are critical of the Ex-PM and de factor leader of PKR, what been transpired that night, had been a great deal source of confirmation about Anwar. They may sleep soundly that night. For the Fence Sitters, who knows?

While assassinating Anwar's character may be a rice of bowl for many former PKR's but putting up such politicians and former confidantes may require a lot of tuning for UMNO. The venue was said to be not suitable and the title misleading. Many, even the most critical voters of Anwar, have the opinion, eventhough his speech was good, the venue was badly selected.

Firstly, many had also 'aptly' forgotten Zulkifli's political background. To put the record straight, he is (or was) a PAS member, standing on a PKR ticket and was kicked out from Pakatan Rakyat after the kalimah ALLAH issue. He was also an ex-lawyer in LIWAT 1.0, who felt he was cheated to the max by Anwar.

Most UMNO members had never been to his ceramah, so to them it would have been a set of information for the next election armoury. Even the organisers as I came to hear are very apologetic to some points raised especially to those utterance considered insensitive to other races.

I had been told by another Blogger, APA, who also had commented almost on the same line with Dr Raffick, had pointed out to Datuk Zul about not doing his homework, for which Datuk Zul had acknowledged and defended that his style wolud not be changed to fit even if the crowd is of majority Chinese. I supposed he has very big issue to settle with the non-Malay non-Muslim. Take Note that he is PAS member.

Giving that Datul Zul will not be apologetic as this is his nature of ceramah, organizers may have to fine tune in bringing in such racial coloured ceramahs to areas which are of mixed demography of proffesionals.

UMNO must able to strategize to distant itself from such 'rightists' since such ceramahs does not augur well with 1Malaysia concept. Nevertheless, the audience should understand that it was not intended by the organisers and no one would know the contents then to further advise the necessities.

To get a closed meeting hall in Selangor nowadays , it is almost next to impossible since many community halls are now controlled by Pakatan Rakyat and the likes of Zulikifli Nordin will have an uphill task of getting their talks approved inside such places.

Anwar, on the other hand, should be more forewarned, for there are many of them are feeling cheated and are all out to kill you politically. Maybe, the best way for all of us, is for him to get out of politics. Remember, the many wrong doings in UMNO were started by you, Anwar.


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