Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Should Tun Dr Mahathir quit as Formal Advisor to Perkasa? Is PERKASA losing its directions?

I had the opportunity to have a late breakfast with a former commander of Malaysian Armed forces.
We had some light discussion on the state of affairs of PERKASA.
The question on the aptness of TDM , our ex-Prime Minister to be on board of PERKASA as an adviser, now that he has rejoined UMNO and therefore the apolitical nature of PERKASA is at stake.
PERKASA was founded by Datuk Ibrahim Ali as an apoltical platform to uphold of Malay Rights during UMNO lowest abyss of popularity after the political Tsunami of 2008 which saw five states tumbled down towards the Opposition Alliance.
As a founding few member, I saw many at the point. Malays from  PKR. PAS and needless to say disgruntled UMNO members flock to an inaugral seminar, in which Datuk Seri Rais Yatim was the main speaker.
As time goes by, the Malay leaders be from PAS and PKR-run states was seen to be toothless stooges of the Chauvinist Chinese-controlled DAP, many of the issues raised by PERKASA were at loggerhead to Opposition Alliance. Later PERKASA groped in TDM as an adviser who had earlier quit UMNO. TDM had rejoined UMNO during the tenure of DS Najib after Tun Abdullah stepped down.
So should TDM now quit PERKASA and advise PERKASA on a unofficial basis, now that TDM is now an UMNO member.
I tend to agree since TDM is no longer as ordinary member of the public, but he has been elavated to a statesman. He himself is a living institution. If he is a patron of PERKASA he also should be a patron many other racial based NGOs. He should be not tainited with any misdoings of the organisations he patrons or advise.
I strongly opinion that PERKASA should review its objectives, the image it is projecting and the strategies it is using so as the objectives and goals can be met.
It is NOT how we win the battles but how we, in the end, win the war.
The War is fighting for upholding the Malay/Bumiputera god-giveth rights, fair share of the riches of the country and the rights to use all necessary fair means to achieve these objectives. PERKASA is not only fighting the chauvinistic DAP machineries, it is also fighting against the short-sighted loyal PKR members and PAS members, which are either too blind to see or to mental challenge to think.
PERKASA is fighting against the perception of being an UMNO stooge, an image that these opposition members are spinning. It has to reform and re-strategize to make it more relevant in the future.

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