Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Friday, January 21, 2011

my-stand-on-bumiputra-and-local-born by Dr Anthony Ng

I am quite attracted to some blogs that I had come across just to quench my thirst to a question "Isn't there any Chinese who are different to those chauvinistic anti-BUMIS policies of the DAP?".

I found that Dr Anthony Ng's articles to be rather interesting and vanquish all presumptions I had about majority of the Chinese.

His stand of bumpitera has strengthen the notion that the Malays had been tolerance and had accepted many Chinese and Indians as citizens because of humanitarian reasons and  to ensure safety of that the Chinese and Indian immigrant forefathers who had been misplaced by the ongoing war in China and social-based economic depression in India.

You can surf for more information. He has many other sites and seems to be very interested in the Malays history in South East Asia.

I am sure Dr Anthony Ng is a fine gentleman and if he is around in Bukit Antarabangsa, I would love to meet him, as a fellow blogger.
My Stand on Bumiputra and Local Born Chinese

My stand is same with my grand-father on Bumiputra issues.

I agree with what my grand-father say we are people who lose in 1949 civil war, China. We must gratitude to Tunku Abdul Rahman and Bumiputra for allow us to get the citizenship.

We are no longer, the citizen of Republic of China. We are the citizen of this land and we must loyal to the country that we stay. This is our homeland and place where we are going to grow together with our family.

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