Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interlok Issue: Does the Indians in Malaysia reject Caste System or they simply reject the notion that they come from a Pariah Caste?

Having gone through the days of anti- INTERLOK bombardment by the Indians, I have yet to encounter one statement by any Indians group that they really reject this very evil system of the Indians that Mahatma Gandhi had publicly opposed.

I have encountered many Indian blogs that have labelled those Indians that have converted to Islam or other religions as Pariahs. Also I have encountered those blogs that despise the intonation of INTERLOK that they come from one caste, that is the Pariah, but I have never come across a blog which actually condemn the whole Hindu Caste System.

So in reality, what was the main issue on this INTERLOK is not of their despise of the traditional Hindu system, but their despise of the labelling that Indians in Malaysia come from a pariah caste.

It is despicable of these Indians to demand the removal of INTERLOK as a teaching  material but yet they, in essence, body and soul, are strong believers of the Hindu Caste system.

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