Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Malaysian student gang-raped in London

Inilah student Malaysia sampai ke London parti sana parti sini, Kan dah kena. Kalaullah anak Melayu tak tahu apa nak di cerita!
PETALING JAYA: An 18-year-old Malaysian student in London was allegedly gang-raped by several Russian men, including an intelligence officer who has been charged with the offence.
The Sun tabloid of London (pic), which broke the story on Thursday, reported that the girl had attended a party at the prestigious Bellerbys College in Greenwich, South London, where she is studying.
The report, quoting sources, claimed that the girl was allegedly drugged and then filmed while being assaulted by seven Russian men, including the intelligence officer identified as Oleg Vladimirvich Ivanov, 23.
The attack is said to have happened early last Sunday during the party attended by English language students of the college.
The report stated that police retrieved iPhones with harrowing footage of the victim being gang-raped.

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