Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why no Indians & chinese footballers? Is it UMNO's fault?

Keluhan dari seorang rakyat Singapura.
Memang agak ketara sekarang ini selain dari pemain import ramai  pemain dari SIngapura adalah berbangsa Melayu .
Adakah ini salah UMNO atau salah kerajaan Singapura kerana tidak menitik beratkan 1Singapura dalam slogan perpaduan mereka.?
Need to know , why the Singapore soccer team , only comprises of Malays only . Im not against them , but are you trying to tell that there are no Indians or Chinese who can play soccer !!

Are they trying to tell us that Indians & Chinese are not talented or qualified to be in the Local soccer team.

Talents , need not come from the Milo or ” Horlicks” team , they can also be found on the streets & other venues.

We must have a “rojak” then we can call it our local team & more Indian & Chinese supporters will support the team.

We dont need foreign talent !! Pls have a mixture to maintain & reflect our unity.

John Lim

Sember: Temasek Review

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