Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Umar Vadillo kata Anwar Ibrahim Freemason semasa umar melawat MCOBA

Kickdefella ada menyebut perihal sangsi nya terhadap Umar Vadillo, saya pula teringin nak tahu siapa dia dan saya pula jumpa huraian beliau tentng Anwar seorang Freemason semasa beliau melawat MCOBA dala tahun 2010. Sumber: disini -_______________________ Sunday, 14 February 2010 08:37 Mohamed Malay College (MCKK) was established in 1905 in the town of Kuala Kangsar by British rulers and since then has been the elite school where future sultans, prime-ministers and prominent public figures took their education. The alumni of this school are generally regarded as Malay intellectual elite. On 10th February 2010 Malay College Old Boys Association (MCOBA) invited President of World Islamic Mint, Prof. Umar Vadillo, to give a talk in the HQ of MCOBA here in Kuala Lumpur.  Muamalah Council Malaysia sincerely thanks Dato’ Faidz Darus, Deputy-President of MCOBA, and Mr. Ahmad Muslim Ali, secretary of MCOBA Executive Committee, for warm hospitality.   Although a small number of the Old Boys came to this lecture, they represented several generations of Malay College alumni.    Umar Pasha started off with the reminder that the foundation of the Reality is “La Hawla Wa La Quwwata Illa Billah”, full stop, with no continuation “…but Riba is more practical”.   He then gave to Old Boys an overview of Capitalism from historical and economic perspectives.  He outlined the failure and disastrous impact of Capitalism on humanity but more significantly that Capitalism was a religion firmly imposed on the entire world in the 20th century through breaking up European and Muslim empires into little national states under total financial control of International Banking.  He stressed on the importance of understanding that Capitalism could not be Islamized as it was an alien ideology the heart of which was Riba and Kufr, the only way to deal with Capitalism is to reject it in its totality and establish the Deen of Islam too in its totality.  Umar Pasha then briefly exposed the fraud of Islamic Banking by paralleling the absurdity of the very idea of Islamizing banks with Islamizing brothels.  “With the methodology of Islamic bankers I can easily Islamize brothels, all I need to do is to hire an Imam who will marry my clients for few minutes and divorce them after, oh yeah and I’ll have a prayer room in the brothel so that the visitors can pray on time”.     Umar Pasha also reminded the Old Boys that British left Malaya in 1957 not quite completely but left behind a little package, namely Constitution.  The package though being little was very heavy, it guaranteed not only the economic control over the new state but also set conditions under which Islam could never be reality again.  “This little package makes it completely irrelevant  who comes to power, UMNO or PAS or freemason Anwar Ibrahim, the country will remain a little capitalist enterprise at the total mercy of the  international financial oligarchy who will repeat 1997 lesson from time to time to teach you just that”, – stated Umar Pasha.  He also explained why the return of Gold Dinar and Silver Diram was the first step not only towards the liberation from deadly grip of International Usury but more significantly to the restoration of the Deen and political unification of the Ummah. He proposed a number of initiatives on practical participation of MCOBA in the project of Gold Dinar in Malaysia.    “So, dear Old Boys, my message to you is that you have to decide, whether you want Islam or you want Capitalism, for you can’t have both, it is impossible. You are considered by many as the locomotive of this nation, so it is up to you whether you lead your people to the fantasy world of Wawasan20/20 or to the Deen of Allah.  But remember, this crisis is the war of Allah upon Capitalism, and Allah will most certainly win, so make sure you take the right side in the war”, – concluded Umar Pasha.   The Old Boys were very attentive and, after asking during Q&A many pertinent questions on technicality of Gold Dinar implementation, expressed interest to explore the matter in earnest and agreed to bring Prof. Umar Vadillo’s proposals to the MCOBA Cooperative.

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