Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Friday, November 18, 2011

Najib guna otak kiri dan Anwar otak kanan. Intuisi dan rationalisasi-bagaimana ia digunakan membuat keputusan

Najib buat keputusan , Anwar pula buta keputusan, anda putuskan.

Layarlah video ini dalam bentuk animasi yang amat berilmiah dan diterangkan menggunakan mutu kartun yang tidak membosankan.
Rationality, intuition, the brain and decisions

Iain McGilchrist’s TED talk.

Through the use of RSA animations, Iain gives a brilliant talk on left brain and right brain differences. He claims to destroy a few myths about how the left and right brain function in relation to rationality.

In the end however, it seems that he puts across those same myths only in a slightly different light – rather than destroying the myths. Basically he says that in almost all thought-types, both hemispheres of the brain are used – but in certain activities, one hemisphere dominates. He explains how each side of the brain views the world. To me, these dominating activities and persepctives do not appear substantially different to the myths he is claiming to destroy.

Having said that, the talk is still immensely interesting and amusing; and he ends with a call for greater emphasis on the right-brain type activities and intuition. The video flies by in 11 minutes, but I would recommend taking the time out to have look if this topic is of interest to you.

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