Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why we should not trust lawyers. Proof here!!!! Part 1

I have many encounters with lawyers. I don't trust majority of them. Some of them are not fit to be one. They cannot even do simple maths. Most lawyers only interested in making a lot of money not about winning the cases they are assigned to.
No doubt they can talk but many are just bull shitting. Try to speak loudest that makes you sounds right. Just like Karpal and Sivakumar, and many others may they be in PR or BN. Mostly PR. The BN tends to be more on civil cases.

I remember a demonstration made by Bar Council. What irks me was that never in my life I witness a demonstration by lawyers against the high legal costs to hire.

I heard some lawyers from PR asked for RM80K just to appear one day in court.And there are people who lost a case just because they cannot come up with the full 80K. Many are said to be Singhs. Maybe they can 'belakang taruh' you when you are not looking. The Indians lawyers tend to always riding on the high horses. They always forget their humble roots. They just like to question constitutiton issues something that was already there before they were even born. Sivakumar looks more like Grade B lawyer. I will be suprise if he has a degree. Real laywers are demanded to be more proffesional, not self-centred. Kapla! could be a greeting from the planet they are from.

PR lawyers tend to think they are always right. But many I found are just conners. And to those who makes their monies from preparation of housing loan contracts, have they never tried to ask how much cost it really take to cut and paste documents. And they charging few thousands for that. And when come to defending us in Court they never really put the money where their mouths are.

I know a lawyer, in fact one of many. And they were my friends then. When they need you, they brag. And you hire them. Then when you ask them what happen to the case, they start giving you tons of excuses. Their offices have move lah, the partners are disbarred lah and many more. That had been almost two years. And then they start to losing your documents.

I remember some jokes I heard:

Q. What is the difference between a lawyer and basket full of shit

A. The basket.


Q. How do you know when the lawyer lies?

A. When his lips move.


More to this in Part 2..

Posting by BlaxMonkey from Kuantan.

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