Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Friday, March 20, 2009

Apakah kita perlu merasa sedih bila PM menjadi mantan PM?

Jawapannya tidak.

This man has singlehandedly almost destroyed UMNO for what they had built for 52 years in less than 2 terms.
Damn for those people who think otherwise.
If you look at the results he won in 2004, it was then among the best in many elections and he had overturned that results before the next term. That means for every year of the service he had destroyed 10 years of good reputation of BN and UMNO.

So this man has in fact has regressed UMNO into the twilight zone of politics.

And ironically, he has many days to go and yet he still manage to leave a trademark of his governance of fiasco.

The recently Limbang and UMNO Disciplinary not banning KJ for example, will need a strong and capable leader to lead UMNO for immediate resolution through the next elections.

We lost all the credibility that is left, and the Disciplinary Commitee should have delved deeper into the perception of the people, now that Norza is also allowed to contest.

In the future, in the application form, please ensure a clause is added that every aspiring candidate shall be not allowed to contest if he or she is charged in court and authorities due to money politics.

Abdullah Badawi is a liablity, and I am glad that he is gone. Breath UMNO,breath.

I say this piece of my mind because I love UMNO and the Malays more than anything else.

Damn for saying it and Damned for not saying it.

----Blax Monkey ------

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