Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Singaporean Malay dilemma

Saya cut n paste bulat2 dari temasek review. Keadaan Melayu menjadi lebih teruk dah atas penjajahan LKY dan kiasu Cina Singapore PAP bapak DAP.

[The writer is commenting on the article 'Young Singaporean Malay PMET forced to think of emigration']

My advice to all Malays, no use complaining. No one can help you. Today, we are in a situation such that even our Singaporean Chinese workers are struggling. Now I see all the jobs which were previously taken up by the local minorities are now completely conquered by foreign workers. I used to see Malay technicians doing repair work for buildings and hotels. Now these are replaced by foreign Indians or foreign Chinese. I used to see all races of our local bus drivers but now, all are mostly replaced by PRCs. Only after public uproars and increased accidents that they try to get in more locals.

Only Singaporeans can employ Singaporeans. But we have come to a situation that, even Singaporeans cannot employ a Singaporean. My only hope is that people don’t see color when employing – just get a Singaporean. There will be nationality erosion if we don’t help each other. It’s not about birthrate. It’s about employing and mentoring our own people, our next generations. It’s about strengthening the Singapore belonging.

No use fighting and surviving for yourself. Your children will not have a Singapore anymore. I as a Singaporean Malay and have been constantly mentoring local Chinese workers, since my hope, if they become bosses in future, is that they will employ a local Malay or at least don’t see skin color.

This comment column is too small to elaborate what has been happening in Singapore but I see the separation of the races and the weakening of the Singapore identity, all solely blamed on LKY.

Malay worker

* Comment first appeared in: Young Singaporean Malay PMET forced to think of emigration?


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