Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Komen2 rakyat Cinapore yang sudah sedar Pembohongan PAP bapak DAP

Komen dari posting terdahulu pagi ni. Nampaknya, polisi impot rakyat PRC back fired.
Meritocracy…please? They want to build harmony, they introduced quota living. Certain percentage of Malays/Indians to stay in one block public housing. Good for enhancing unity. Yes, practical and sensible. Nothing wrong with that. However for private housing no such rules. Why? Now the “uppity” single type minority foreign people are congregating in some condos, check Tanjong Rhu and East areas. So where is this policy going?
Take another serious long glaring neglected matter. Is there reality in the education scholarship policy to minority? Why can’t you take the best Malays/Indians, say a quota each year and send them to those prestigious oversea universities? Many qualify for entry to these universities, but were not selected, losing by a few frustrating points based on the strict exacting meritocracy measurement.
Why similar policy not applied as in public housing in line with noble racial integration plans? Why no realistic generosity here? Think, when minorities come back as professional doctors or lawyers and so forth, they will serve as inspiring role models to their communities and boost hugely their morale. Just imagine it will benefit togetherness tremendously amongst the races. If this had been done from the beginning, there could have been hundreds of them around.
As a minority, you feel downcast looking up at the professional staff board in hospitals. We have pride and feelings too you know. One scholar after 44 year is a big yawn. Doesn’t excite really.

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