Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Penyakit Sikudung:Bila prestasi kurang, salahkanlah orang lain.

Bila prestasi tim kita merosot, kita salahkan orang lain.
Umpamanya, prestasi bola kita menurun. Tapi yang disalahkan, Anuar Musa, kerana memberi komen yang ikhlas.
PETALING JAYA: A good rest should be enough to get National Sports Institute (NSI) chief executive officer Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz back on his feet and keep an eye on the athletes gearing up for the London Olympic Games.

Dr Ramlan had been hospitalised for severe pancreatitis since returning from Dublin, Ireland, last week. He was in Dublin with the hockey team, who failed to qualify for the Games after finishing third in the qualifiers.

As if his medical condition is not enough for him to worry about, Dr Ramlan has also had to live with speculations that his services would be terminated this month.

There were even talk that a senior officer from the Youth and Sports Ministry has verbally told Dr Ramlan that they were looking to replace him.

That would surely be a huge blow to a man who has served tirelessly with the NSI in a bid to give the best care for national athletes to maximise their full potential through sports science.

The reasons for such rumours are not known, though some are said to be unhappy with his leadership.

Thankfully, Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek quashed the rumours when he visited Dr Ramlan at the hospital over the weekend.

When asked if Dr Ramlan will remain as the CEO, Shabery said: “It is quite normal to hear all kind of rumours in the Ministry. This is an important time as athletes are preparing for the Olympic Games and it is not the time for dismissals or appointments of people for positions in the Ministry.

“Everyone should focus on his work. We need the whole ministry – both the NSI and NSC (National Sports Council) – to work together to support the athletes. After all, our main goal is to win the country’s first gold medal at the London Games. We should not be distracted.”

In fact, Shabery urged all parties to stay focused and not waste time on internal politicking and bickering.

“All Dr Ramlan needs now is a good rest. He is being given good care. He just needs some extra attention right now and he will get better,” said Shabery.

The NSI and NSC are independent bodies that come under the Sports Ministry and Shabery, as the Minister, has the right to appoint and dismiss the CEO of NSI.

Shabery warned the sports fraternity not to mix politics with sports if Malaysia wanted to attain success at the highest level.

“During one of my visits to Japan, I came across this interesting academy – the Institute Sports Politics. Scholars in this academy study about politics in sports. Of course, we know that politics in sports is not good,” he said.

“Sometimes, politics in sports is worse than the real political world itself. I just hope that everyone will be focused on doing well at the Olympic Games and minimise all other ‘activities’, including the Minister,” he added in jest.

For the record, many athletes – like world No. 1 shuttler Lee Chong Wei and world squash champion Nicol David – have benefited from the hard work put in by all the sports science experts under Dr Ramlan’s guidance.

Not only have they attained great physical attributes but also a strong mindset to excel in their respective sports.

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