Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Temasek Review mungkin ditutup selepas diugut PAP. Kalau DAP, anak PAP, perintah Malaysia , sudah tentu tiada press freedom!!

Kalau DAP, anak PAP, perintah Malaysia ,  inilah akibat nya, Malaysia akan tiada press freedom, ramai orang akan bankrap dan Malaysia akan menjadi negara yang diperintah secara kuku besi.
Temasek Review adalah satu portal berita yang menarik ramai pembaca yang kritikal terhadap kerajaan PAP Singapura. Sejak kebelakangan ini , TR sudah banyak 'slow down' kerana di 'ugut' oleh pegawai dari ranting khas (Special Branch).
Adakah ini kerajaan DAP yang di nantikan oleh mereka yang mengundi Pakatan Rakyat.?
Mak Lampir YB Zuraidah adalah mantan rakyat Singapura dan sudah tentu YB zuraidah tahu betapa seriknya rakyat Melayu di Singapura yang dizalimi oleh kerajaan LKY dari segi hak Bumiputera yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan Singapura ketika merdeka dari British pada tahun 1963.


Since the news broke about the impending “demise” of the The Temasek Review (TR), we have receive hundreds of emails from well-wishers offering everything from financial assistance to suggestions for TR to prolong its operation.

We must say we are very touched by the encouragements from all our supporters and wish to offer our assurance that everything possible is being done and considered to keep the “spirit of TR” alive to the best of our abilities.

Given the precarious position that TR is in and us being privy to information which our supporters do not presently possess, we would like to urge our supporters to please refrain from speculating but concentrate on the important issues at hand and not be distracted by TR’s impending “demise”.

Again, financial issue is not the main consideration for the intended “demise” of TR and there are other factors which we promise will be revealed at an appropriate time in the future.

Not wanting to sound like a disaster in the making due to the intended “demise” of TR but we need to appeal to our supporters to “please stay clam” and not be alarmed by any action or announcement taken by TR from now on (no, we are not asking for donations).

TR has one last battle to “fight” and it has to be fought alone (by our team) if THe ‘enemy’ comes knocking on TR’s door. Until then, we will just sit tight, act blur and stupid.

To quote Singapore’s future $15,000 a month ‘Parliamentary Stomper’, “[We] don’t know what to say [for the time being]”

Amanda Tan

for Temasek Review

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  1. YB Zuraidah tu dah senang kat Ampang tentu dah 'lupa' camne hidup kat Singapura tu dulu.


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