Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, April 25, 2011

Polis mesti tangkap Viktor Wong kerana menghina Sultan dan orang2 Melayu

Takke Puki Mak (Faraj Bonda) Viktor Wong ni, pengurus blog DAP Bagan. Samada dia ni betul2 pendatang yang tidak tahu sejarah tanah melayu atau sengaja bertindak biadap terhadap Sultan Melayu. Atau terang2 nak persendakan yang Sultan Melayu tidak boleh buat apa.
Ataupun sudah sampai masanya kita amati apa2 yang mencetuskan trajedi 13 Mei?

Ini dia petikan dari blognya.
A Perak Umno state assemblyman for Slim Mohd Khusairi Talib had recently told the press that he felt so much offended and insulted by two DAP state assemblymen, A.Sivanesan (Sungkai) and V.Sivakumar (Tronoh) who wore their traditional Indian attires Jippa and Dhoti during the state legislative assembly sitting.

Just what the heck this racist Mohd Khusairi is trying to prove? Wearing a traditional cultural attire would insult you or the state legislative assembly? Which provision in the standing orders of the state legislative assembly or the state constitution says that state assemblymen are barred from wearing traditional attires or lounge suite during the state legislative assembly sitting?

No, nothing was mentioned at all pertaining the attires that are compulsory during the state legislative assembly sittings. It is just that Mohd Khusairi is a racist who belongs to a racist-based political party called Umno. Umno is the political party who started the May 13 1969 racial riots that saw thousands of people killed and murdered at that time.

On last Tuesday, another DAP state assemblyman Nga Kor Ming also went to the state legislative assembly sitting wearing a lounge suit instead of the formal ceremonial white uniform attire with a songkok. Nga's wear then came under fire from a number of state assemblymen particularly from Umno. The sole MCA state assemblyman Dr Mah Hang Soon kept a distant from his Umno colleagues and choose not to criticize Nga.

We understand that the Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah also wore a traditional Malay attire, a yellow Baju Melayu during his address to the state legislative assembly opening ceremony, instead of the formal ceremonial white uniform attire (military type).

So, why is Umno keeping so quiet about this? As coward as a mouse! What about their own state assemblymen who also wore the Baju Melayu. The Penyimpan Mohor, Juruiring, Orang-Orang BesarDewan Negara also wore their traditional Malay attires. Are all these insulting the only Umno state assemblymen or the whole state legislative assembly? and members of the state

We want to ask all these extreme Umno state assemblymen, can any of the ethnic Chinese state assemblymen wear their traditional Chinese attire into the state legislative assembly during the sitting? We supposed you will also feel insulted, because of your racist and overly extremist characteristics.

Because these Umno leaders are racist, their minds are fully troubled all the time, filled with revenge, hate, hate, hate and nothing else but hate. By the way, having so much hatred and revenge onto other races is not the Islamic way. That means, most of the Umno leaders are not Muslims in actual fact.

Yet another 1Malaysia project by Umno...!

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