Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Did Wan Azizah want to watch the video? Wan Azizah to disband PKR!

In the midst of  the storm in the T-Cup, Wan Azizah sms Datuk S Eskay, someone, who probably admires Mr T of the A-Team, asking for the video.
A lot of reasons could have been given to Eskay. I am perplex of what was she thinking that Eskay would give it to her. Could it be she wants to be sure, once and for all, that the husband is indeed not the Y-man in the T video?
I presume she could have requested it the subtle way. She could sit down together with the T-Team and watch the V with her famous daughter and decided once and for all whether to to abandon Anwar and disbands PKR.
In the recent press conference, today, the T-Team looks credible enough to give Anwar and PKR a lot more headaches on how to manouvere this supposed 'set-up'.(More here. and here).

Anwar, as LKY said, had probably known and walked straight into the trap.

He is probably the only serial self-trapper in the world, and would be better off, asking the T-Team to enter the video to the organizer of the American Funniest Video: The Most Whacko.

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