Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amerika akan belasah Israel seperti Libya?

Sebenarnya pemberontakan di Mesir dan Libya adalah isu terancang oleh US dan sekutunya bagi membolehkan Israel menyerang Gaza dan mengujudkan penempatan haram di bumi Palestine yang akan menyulitkan proses pengamanan dengan Palestine.
Kalau dilihat 'no-fly zone' ini akan mengakibatkan lebih ramai orang awam yang mati berbanding dengan orang awam yang mati dibawah Gaddafi. Kita lihat saja jumlah mereka yang mati dibawah pemerintahan Saddam bekas diktator Iraq, dan sewaktu penjajahan Amerika.
Kalau dinilaikan banyak yang menyebelah pembangkang adalah juga dari askar2 yang pernah dibawah arahan Gaddaffi. Tidak mustahil ada dari mereka ini juga soldadu ganas yang pernah melakukan pelbagai jenayah terhadap orang awam.

It Is Time to Hit Israel Like Libya
The Arab peoples want to change their rulers, leaders and kings. No one wants to Muammar Gaddafi, Ali Abdullah Saleh and the many other dictators and despots who invariably hold up western and zionist interests over those of the nation and the people. No one wants to change his government in the favor of supporting US zionists and the Israeli occupation war crimes. The Arab peoples who support changes are calling the world to stop the policy of double standards in dealing with the revolutions, the criminal dictators and Israel.

The Arab nations are calling for a military strike against israel, demanding that the Security Council, which passed a decision to use force against Gaddafi in Libya in support of protecting the civilians from Gaddafi’s crimes, demand that the Security Council must issue a similar decision to strike israel, which bomb the civilians in Gaza. Israel has several times bombed civilian populations in Lebanon and Gaza with cluster and phosphor bombs. Israel wants to repeat these crimes and is known to constantly plan and instigate wars and perpetrate terrorism against all countries in the region.

The israeli plan is to hit the Gaza Strip while the world is busy with the Arab revolutions. The zionists have has used Palestinian collaborators in Gaza, infiltrators and sleeper cells to shoot useless rocket at uninhabited places in israel in order justify hitting Gaza. This happened before the background of the talks of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas, with the intention of hindering the national reconciliation, which become a national demand of all Palestinians. The Palestinian reconciliation between Hamas as Fatah is targeted by the zionists because they want to keep the Palestinians divided, as this helps the occupation.

According to israeli reports published two days ago, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (yemach shmo) is making contacts with the United States and Europe aimed at thwarting the initiative of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to restore national unity and end the tragic division, what gives rise to censure and condemnation, especially since the talk about the internal Palestinian affairs is none of israels business. The Palestinian unity and the establishment of a coalition government, the Palestinian national unity and elections are major demands of all Palestinians. The zionists and their co-perpetrators have no business at attempting to suppress Palestinian will.

The recent incident of targeting missiles from the heart of Gaza into israel, at this particular time, is merely intended at thwarting the Palestinian reconciliation and to entrench the existing divisions, to create a pretext for waging war and continuing the ethnic cleansing in Gaza as well as moving forward in the implementing of the judaization of Jerusalem, building and expanding more settlements in the West Bank and to block the chance of achieving a just and lasting peace based on the long known full legitimacy of the Palestinian will before intenational laws and agreements.

From this point, the zionist plan aims again at the destruction of the Gaza Strip. This despicable and indecent plan must face this same size of international forces used today against Libya. The UN Security Council and all the international community must know that the protection of Palestinian civilians is an Arab demand in all the Middle East and that we are entitled to the same protections under international laws, treaties and UN resolutions as anybody else, even if the jews dont like to hear that truth. It is not reasonable that the world is using force to protect the Libyan people from the forces of Ghaddafi while they have turned their collective back to the criminal israeli occupation since 63 years, allowing them to engage in genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity in the West Bank and Gaza. It is time for the international community to end the zionist crime spree for good. True piece in the middle east will start on the day when a cruise missile crashes through Bibi’s front door!


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