Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, May 24, 2010

To nuke or not to nuke that is the question (Part 2)

To nuke or not to nuke that is the question (Part 2)

We had seen in part 1 the possibility of looking at this issue more objectively. Let us see first what are the benefits that can bring to us when having a nuclear plant in Malaysia.


There are two glaring benefits that we can see right now, namely:



It is safe to assume that the whole purpose of building of the power plant is for the potential power that it can generate (POWER). The intensity of importance of building the plant is extreme compared to the importance of jobs creation when building the plant.

We can say that POWER is extremely important than the JOBS that it will create, graphically represented using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) comparison style:


2 potential opportunities:

1. As a potential power exporter (PWREX), and

2. An expert in nuclear power (so what!)
Being a net power exporter allows us to sell our excess power in the future to our ASEAN neighbors, Thailand, Singapore or Indonesia. Being a power exporter will allow us to leverage against the initial layout costs in the long run.

Similar as in the case of PETRONAS, which over the years, we had gained insight into oil production and now have become a global player in oil and gas exploration and the related industries.

Being in similar unknown territory will take us to what has no ASEAN country has gone before (just like Star Trek), and we may find ourselves a little bit of an expert and a global player in such areas. In this Bolehland, We believe the Malaysians after so many years would be able to say “Nuklear, Malaysia pun Boleh”!

See you in Part 3

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