Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, November 15, 2015

UPDATED: Are we too late on the China's encroachment issue? Sadomasochism of China

An interesting message driven by our current Deputy Prime Minister taken from the Just Read's latest post. Here.

"Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi said a regional superpower has encroached into maritime territory by constructing airstrips, jetties and other facilities on three atolls just 155km (84 nautical miles) from Sabah.

Without naming the superpower concerned, he said the country’s motives of building the facilities 3,218km from its mainland were questionable"

While I could agree with the comments made by DPM, I always wonder whether we have left too late to make such comments which would only be regarded as a wishful thinking or just a deserving pat on the back from Obama by just saying so. I will just say it is just a politically correct statement  but the beef is no longer there. It is just like having a Mee Banjir without the beef (or is it kambing ?) stock in it. Tasteless, and just another lip service. (NOTE: Aku dah jumpa Mee Banjir original )

What can we do now?

I always wonder what will Mahathir do if he is still in power, I wonder if any of our ministers had ever called him up and ask for his opinion and idea on how to contain China's expansion.
After all, he made a very bold move before in securing Terumbu Layang-layang many years ago. He instructed Promet to build as secured floatilla commanded as a ship. After it was built, it was once gallantly and unselfishly commandeered by Komander Siva.

Maybe we should have done a preemptive political strike just like what Tun Razak did to neutralize PKM but kowtowing to the Chinese Leaders. It seems then the Comunist Party of China was more warm to the Malay Bumiputera  leadership than the Chinese led Parti Komunis Malay.
Recent comments by the Chinese Ambassador must be analyse if there is a policy change by the Chinese government on Malaysia and the Nusantara. Chinese for so many years had been in backwaters of technology, however China has been at the forerunner of high technologies and had acquired many tech companies in the US and the West. There are so much emotional conflicts of natural needs between a Capitalist and a Communist. But is China becoming Capitalist Communist? What are the main traits of a Capitalist Communist country? Definitely, there must be a lot of policy changes for China to go all out for high technology and now are rebranding themselves as a forerunner of high tech leader competing with the West with their army of workers at 350 Million people. Surely the encroachment was supported by this technology.

China is definitely a threat and also a treat. It is more like a sadomasochist (BSDM) giving you pleasure and treats but at the same time threaten your existence.

We should now close rank before it is too late and make another blunder like the Pulau Batu Putih case. And worse.

It is not a small red lion but  a red Dragon vaping right in front of your doorstep.

This is the time for a Bugis warrior to show his mettle worthy like one particular member of Force 136, Abdul Razak Hussien, old boy of Malay College and Raffles College.


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