Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, November 23, 2014

TOEFL, PAU 2014 and Techie as MPs

Our English speaking performance has improved so they said.
I hope mine has too. It is good to able to speak in a second language. Only a glimmer of us are born writers. Only a few can write good books. I wish I could.

Being a technical person, writing like a novel is very painstaking. Most technical persons are vey direct and bad in their ability to politicize issues.

Do Malaysia need politicians now? With the state of the world economics, Malaysia should be looking at getting more technical persons into parliament not NATO politicians.

We need now, more than ever, representatives not only can present the people, but also that can well trained, think and resolve issues first hand.

UMNO members at the coming PAU must now be more vocal in driving not only issues but well addressed solutions.

Once servicing the Rakyat has become the norms to win elections, the next politicians must also  able to articulate the national problems and resolve it professionally.

Those politicians who are mere rhetoric reps , just like those in the Pakatoon network, must step down and bring on those who can seriously think.
Those MPs are may be good speakers , but they cannot work their mental and resolve real issues.
Rafizi could get his brain to work, but his data is all wrong. A typical character of a Piala Perdana Menteri debater. To convince listeners while the debate is going on. To win at all costs,'fauta bukan fakta'.
After the debate, you realize that you had just got con. For some people, like the toons, the effect is much longer and may spill to the streets.

Bangkang dari longkang from MB longkang.


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