Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dimana perginya DAP dan Pakatan Pembangkang bila Melayu di hina?

Ini artikel diambil dari blog takemon.
Cuba baca yang terakhir.
Bila orang Cina menghina Melayu, tiada seorangpun dalam DAP atau Pembangkang bersuara kerana takut akan di templak oleh Lim Anak Beranak. Mana pergi Nurul Izzah anak Anwar. OOps sori mereka ini dah jadi Mutant Muslim.

This is Amy Cheong. The article appearing below the line is extracted in its entirety from Yahoo Australia. The article itself is credited to its writer Rhianna King of the West Australian published on 11 October 2012. Not the comments I have added. They are the comments of this blog and this blog alone.
That thin veneer of respectability the Chinese led opposition in Malaysia have hidden behind for so long is beginning to peel. And revealing whats hidden beneath it is a contemptible bunch of racists. Chine racists. Anti Malay, anti Muslim and anti human to the core. It appears that the more things change, the more they remain the same as far as this Kuomintang indoctrinated pool of political swill is concerned.
But whatever you do don’t mention the word Chinese when referring to racists in context and when the Chinese like this woman are caught out with their pants down. Pointing out other people’s faults is a Malaysian Singaporean Chinese monopoly. Especially so if that exercise of nit picking by them is directed at the Malays and Muslims.
Amy’s tirade against the Malays is nothing more than an extension of that Singapore driven and orchestrated Chinese campaign to topple the Malay led government of Malaysia. Lets see how the opposition and Chinese groups in Malaysia now react to exposure of this racist rant by a Singapore government official born in Malaysia.
Will they now demand Amy and the Chinese behind her be referred to as Malaysian instead of Chinese and want their views to be dealt with as such? or will the Chinese “persecuted minority” complex rear its ugly head as their defence.
Sumber: Takemon
Amy Cheong, fled Singapore after an outcry over a Facebook post about Malay weddings.
A Perth woman at the centre of a racism storm in Singapore has fled to WA after she was sacked over a Facebook post that sparked a public outcry. University of WA graduate Amy Cheong, 37, caused outrage across the South-East Asian republic on Sunday by posting a comment about Malay weddings, which are often held in public spaces beneath housing blocks in Singapore.
Apparently frustrated by the noise from a wedding, she wrote: “How many f…ing (sic) days do Malay weddings at void decks go for? Pay for a real wedding you a……, maybe then the divorce rate won’t be so high. How can society allow people to get married for 50 bucks?”
The post went viral within hours, leading to Facebook groups calling for Ms Cheong to be sacked, YouTube videos accusing her of racism against the Malay community and a barrage of malicious online posts. Ms Cheong, a Malaysian-born Australian citizen, was sacked on Monday from her job as assistant director of Singapore’s National Trade Union Congress for Membership Partnership and Alliance.
She issued a long apology, but Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said it had come too late and the damage was done. He condemned the comments as unacceptable and offensive to Malay Muslims.”It sharply reminds us how easily a few thoughtless words can undermine our racial and religious harmony,” he said.
Ms Cheong told state media on Tuesday she was leaving for Perth because of threats to her and her family and to “ease the tension”. In her apology, Ms Cheong wrote: “I am terribly sorry to all who were affected emotionally, mentally and in all other aspects. I am aware of the pain I’ve caused through my insensitive remarks on social media.
“There was no racism intended in my post. I was trying to rest and the noise was affecting me greatly, however, I do understand this is not a valid reason to post what I did.”
Her boss, Lim Swee Say, said firing Ms Cheong was a difficult decision and urged Singaporeans to “spare a thought for Amy and the pain she is going through”. He said the NTUC “would not accept … any words or actions taken by staff that are racially offensive”.
It is understood she had been working for the union for a year, but had been living in Singapore for 10 years after moving from Perth, where she grew up. Singaporean local Ryan Soh, a sales consultant, said the comments had come at a sensitive time in Singapore.
“The Government is trying hard to create a picture of racial harmony because we have a lot of races here, Chinese, Indians and Malays,” he said. “It is a balancing act and when these comments came, they touched a lot of raw nerves.”
Strangely enough the Nut Graph, Malaysia Kini, Ambiga Sreenivasan and other vitriolic critics of government in Malaysia (a government they often refer to as racist) have been deafeningly silent over this matter. We have constantly referred to the oppositions plans for Malaysia as being a regurgitation of the Singapore model the Chinese of Malaysia would like to remould Malaysia into under their rule. Wishful thinking on their part?
And to those Malay opportunists lacking any self respect who write anti Malay and anti Muslim articles and yell slogans like Miriam Mokhtar does espousing the ‘virtues’ of the Singapore government and its majority Chinese people, take a read of this article and hang your collective heads in shame.
To the Malays and other non Chinese apologists of the anti Malay mould, this is in truth what the Chinese think of you. If there is genuine concerns over the misconduct of government, its policies and its governance of the country, then everyone ought to all be involved in the process and participation of change. Not simply those who are on the purse strings of foreign groups who operate as a policy free zone agitating for the marginalization of a majority in preference of a vocal and racist self serving minority with deep pockets

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