Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Titanic is gonna hit the iceberg real soon

I supposed it is an idiom used by an UMNO man who feels he must be silenced and talk in riddles and 'kiasan' when he wants to convey the imminence of a collapse of an empire.
Another UMNO man says that an empire always shall collapse at its greatest heights. I don't know what empire he was talking now. But I have a guess. The other empire I know is the Melaka Empire. Did it collapse at its greatest height?
The  Real Pungok Kicker (RPK) is now turning his guns to the man who we owed a lot of our pride with his vision of a modern Malaysia. Will these people who has so many fond memories of him had been recently given a paint of a monster who had trillions of monies? What will these people feel when one tells them they had eaten duit haram during those 22 years. The doctor is now a monster himself,  worst than his own creation. Some wise men said, the monster created was a reflection of his inner self. Hang nak percaya ke?

The titanic is actually a submarine already gone down underwater but has gone undersea with a full of radar but surprisingly some icebergs can now be controlled to aim towards the submarine.
How clever a squirrel is, it will still fall down to earth. The laws of gravity was actually discovered by the Malays long time ago.

Our politics are actually shaped by some clash of personal interests in the past so it is no  surprise  to some of the elites who themselves had been in those circles of network.

I am not surprise a quip from a friend of mine who lately has seen a good turn of fortunes.
"Masa ni kalau kita dapat, kita samun lah, especially from those penyamuns." 

Like the pirates who thief amongst the ever thieving pirates. And some had been kings.

Even amongst them they have a code of honour.

I left the table feeling disoriented about our real objective of our perjuangan.

Some will lose and some will win. But I know what we going to lose for sure is our DIGNITY.


  1. Dude, if I may rephrase (if not for you) but for myself or the rest whom are with 'us'. Its not our DIGNITY, its 'theirs' to be lost because what Dignity Bugis and his lickers had anyway?

    We stood our ground and hammer at the Chief-Pirate and his henchman tirelessly so, our DIGNITY still intact, however helpless (but not hopeless) we're seeing that the CASH is KING is still on the throne!


  2. Dignity? That word is not even in their dictionary. Men of no worth have no dignity at all. And birds of a feather flock together. No matter how helpless we are, Allah always listens. Make doa, that is the most effective weapon of all that Muslims have.


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