Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lapuran MH17 adalah konspirasi Barat menyalahkan Rusia

Lapuran MH17 adalah konspirasi Barat menyalahkan Rusia.

Sila baca baik dan fahami apa yang ditulis .

Baca juga disini.Hanya yang bodoh sahaja akan terima repot Belanda itu. Tanpa black box d bagaimana boleh suruhanjaya itu mengatakan lokasi itu dating dari kawasan Russia.

Kita boleh menggunakan matematik untuk melastikkan Apollo 13 kembali ke arah bumi dengan menggunakan daya gravity bulan.
Baca lah komen dari link itu disini.
Baca disini untuk selanjutnya.

The missile exploded, just as designed, a few feet away from the plane. Simple math, isn’t it?
So, how come nobody can do the reverse calculation to PINPOINT the launch site, within a few feet?
We can easily calculate the trajectory of the Slingshot around the Moon, or landing on a freaking asteroid. Elon Musk’s rockets have consistently smashed into a tiny barge in the ocean.
So, the freaking math works on those occasions, but not for the MH17 investigation?
Don’t they have a calculator, an abacus, or a Slide Rule in the Netherlands? 😉
Jack Burton:
Have you ever heard of an air traffic crash investigation where the Black Box was kept secret? Have you ever heard of an air crash investigation that didn’t even ask for the air traffic control tapes?
When has an air crash investigation NOT asked for testimony of the Air Traffic Controller who was in contact and handled the planes flight details?
The bitch woman who was on MH-17 has been on vaction for over a year and a half, not seen or heard from. She never went back to the tower.
CNN and NPR pretend with a straight face that this is even an investigation! Fuck’n hell!
jeff montanye:
kind of reminds me of the 9-11 investigation (no black box data released whatsoever).
this also looked fishy to me:
Malaysia not only disallows inquests. It has forbidden family members of the 43 Malaysian victims from opening the coffins. None of the kin of those killed was permitted to view the victims in their coffins, Wan Lailatul Masturah said. “We were not allowed by the government, nobody must see. All the corpses who came back were not allowed to be opened.”
Latina Lover:
Could you imagine being denied the right to see your dead wife or child because the “government’ forbid it?? Does this not stink of a coverup?
Latina Lover:
Remember the Germanwings crash? It took less than 72 hours to release the cockpit recordings. Yet the Fucking Dutch can’t produce them after 15 months??
I’ll bet Putin has a copy of the black box recordings and is waiting for the right time to stick it to the USSA/EU/Dutch and Ukie stooges.
I remember looking into the 3 planes that went down after the one in Ukraine. All their black boxes were recovered in days, if not weeks…(Only because one went down in a somewhat remote area in Africa.)
So yes, it’s complete bullshit.

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