Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Did Boeing or its disgruntled employee hijack MH370?

It is seemed by the day we saw many air crashes that can provide answers to recent air incidents including the one currently haunting many Malaysians.

The loss of MH370 is I think the most mysterious incident ever.

Many conspiracies theory has surfaced but not like MH17 and many others. The black boxes were eventually found.

MH370 mystery still allow room to add many new theories. Even the super sleuth Sherlock Holmes could never unravel this mystery for many years to come.

Gone without a trace. Disappear into thin air or captured by Aliens or lost in the Twilight zone.
Probably, there is a twin Bermuda Triangle somewhere in the South China Seas or the Atlantic Ocean.

Looking at this video makes one wonder if pointing to Boeing as the culprit is a strong possibility. Mahathir may be right in asking Boeing why the elegant silence over its products. It is not impossible to download a program over a satcom systems. Boeing  or some disgruntled employee is actually able to hack and link the system and later turn the aircraft into a drone. All qualified computer engineers would agree with me on that!

Boeing is now able to take over a plane easily without the help of a crazy pilot (that is another theory, considering the GermanWings crash in French Alps). And tell me what you think.

Watch video here

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