Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

SUDAN VS KELANTAN: Bising pasal Najib tak tengok mangsa banjir walhal yang duk terpekik terlolong itu tak ambil port pasal ibubapa dan saudara mara.

Dari Wassap:

Overheard a heated conversation during lunch... between a Kelantanese young man and a Sudanese man. It was ironic that I was seated too close to these two when all I wanted was to stay away from heated argument of this nature.

Sudanese: "So, have u visited your kampung? How bad is it?"
Kelantanese: "The water reached the waist level. I haven't gone home since boats can't even get to the house."
Sudanese: "Sorry about that. I hope your family is doing ok. But seriously, I'm amazed that you have not tried to at least go back earlier. When do you plan to go see your mom?"
Kelantanese: "Tomorrow inshaaAllah."
Sudanese: *paused*..... "You don't think it's a little ironic, that you are having lunch with me today... eating salmon steak with mashed potato... while your mom and dad aren't eating anything till today?"
Kelantanese: "What's that supposed to mean? I told you already, no point even trying to go back.... I can't even reach those areas."
Sudanese: "I don't know about your culture... but when Sudan had a big flood last year.... everyone tried their level best to go home. But here you are, eating lavishly.... enjoying food. At the same time you condemned your own Prime Minister for playing golf when the country is hit by flood."
Kelantanese: "He is the Prime Minister... he has responsibility towards his people, his country... his states."
Sudanese: "And you are NOT a leader of your family? Your sisters, your brothers do not need you in moments like this when you are enjoying salmon steak?"

 Kelantanese: "I have my other brothers to help my family members."
Sudanese: "And your Prime Minister does not have his other ministers to manage the flood? He has to come back and try to get into the water even though he knows he cannot get to these areas, while people like you, who are responsible for your own family are eating salmon in this classy cafeteria? Isn't it like the pot calling the kettle black?"

Interesting conversation, which eventually left the salmon steak cold... with one walking away, and the other looking pissed. Yours truly gawked.

 The irony of life:

1.We want everyone else to do their job well.... but we do not know our own responsibilities.

2. We forget our duties to our husbands / wives / mothers / fathers / children, but expect others to take care of their needs when we are not around.

3. We believe leaders are selected by the people and carry with them hell load of responsibilities, but we forget that we are leaders in our own unit.... our own little family and we have hell load of responsibilities too.

4. We want things changed, but we are not changing ourselves.

How ironic.... really.

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