Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Saturday, April 12, 2014

MH370: A case of perfect murders? or a planned mission to kill of Najib's career? #MH370

MH370: A case of perfect murders? or a planned mission to kill of Najib's career?
I think many of us are getting fed up in this epistle of missing plane.

Everything seems to happen at the perfect timing, perfect place to disappear from the normal radar track, perfect mechanism to switch the tracking switch - why it was designed to be so easy to switch off the tracking device remains another mystery. and a perfect place to avoid detection from the Indonesian airspace and then finally a perfect place to glide and then sunk to a perfect ocean at a perfect distance from an island continent Australia for any perfect search and rescue. and a perfect depth of an ocean.

No wreckage was found but yet the pings had been detected. Either the black box still intact with the plane in perfect conditions and perfectly silenced passengers and the crews in a perfect pressurized planes at a perfect depth where no man can get down to visually inspect the plane.

It has become a modern day titanic, except this item can fly and was not sunk by an iceberg.

Who could dunnit?

We could visualize another perfect film by probably someone like Rizza Aziz and could spin off many sequels of a movie. What really happen to MH370 will be another brand of conspiracy theory.

Blackboxes with no wreckage in sight would get the Alient Abduction theorists back to the blogsphere.

I have always wanted to script a good movie with a perfect title, "Alright Goodnight". But then they changed the transcript. Damn.

I stand to be corrected that this episode is based on very simple plot. To kill off Najib once and for all.

Soon you will see photos of the crew and the pilot to have taken photos with both leaders of the political divide. The captain will be seen as an implant from BN to discredit the PR when the motive was found to be for the love of a chameleon who is counting his days before his another episode of Kajang Prison. May I be wrong.

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