Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Making an institution trustworthy and transparent for the Bumi agenda

More than often we heard the President or any other ahli majlis into the hot seat of trying to get the institution  more productive and in line to the desire of the majority of Bumiputeras. Most of the time the output attracts more negative response and become the punching bag of the opposition who mainly comprise of those who think they are always smarter in managing such institurions. Often than not, they are merely NATO. No actions talk only.
Similarly, those appointed to the GLCs are also of the same species. They are either lawyers or sore thumbs in that industry thinking that they are God gift to mankind. They always failed miserably. But not moneywise. They are always rich, not only they had good huge paychecks, but they have rich friends who come along to meet up in the pretext of a well linked businessman. Normally, they are young, not-kampong educated  not like their parents who either are well connected to the government or  a particular 'mantan' KSU. They usually really become really enormous rich after the scene.

It is not only the specific person that makes an institution  trustworthy and transparent to the Bumiputera Agenda . It can be achieved in a better way that is getting the system to be effective. It is the best practice that an institution shall stay transparent if the system is designed to be transparent to the advantage of the Bumiputera.

We should not count young and rich sons of ex-KSUs or political sons as part of Bumiputera Agenda. It should be count with another name, Kronismagenda. And we should put a stop to it. For many of these Bumi sons are eating away the cakes that are supposed to be eaten by hard working, smart and qualified Bumiputeras.

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