Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zaman Apartheid bunuh Islam bermula. New World Order dan di sokong oleh barat.

Zaman Apartheid kini bermula di Burma. Orang Islam di catu seperti binatang.
YANGON: Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi Monday criticised a ban on Rohingya having more than two children in strife-torn Rakhine state as counter to human rights, in rare comments on the plight of the Muslim group.

The opposition leader, who has been accused by activists of failing to speak up for the marginalised Rohingya, said she opposed the controversial rule, imposed by the previous junta and reaffirmed recently by local authorities in the wake of deadly unrest.
“It is not good to have such discrimination. And it is not in line with human rights either,” the veteran democracy activist told reporters in Yangon, adding she could not confirm whether the policy was being implemented.

Bantulah komuniti Rohingya.
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