Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Monday, June 27, 2011

BERSIH 2.0 is just a cover up of dirty tactics by the Oppositionists moving voters into areas like AMPANG and TERATAI. from Chinese surplus Bukit Bintang

"Attack is the best form of Defense". So they quote.

For many years and umpteen number of elections, the opposition has been saying this and that, of phantom voters.

But to say this again despite winning many seats in the last GE and the by-elections that led them controlling fives states, seem to be really ridiculous, and only serves to show the stupidity and the moral bottom of the opposition leaders. But much more, it shows how dumb the followers of these parties, especially PAS, who promise to turn out 50000 of its members, for the illegal demonstrations come 9 July 2011.

Knowing that the chairman organizing the illegal demonstration is a lawyer actively representing the Bar Council, the rakyat needs to know the role of the Bar Council who is supposed not to permit lawyers displaying such behaviour which goes beyond the law, otherwise our legal system will also be at stake. This is a basic foundation of anarchy;  when the lawyers themselves that represent the Bar Council that was supposed to lead by example to the lawyers, are themselves propagating lawlessness. This is definitely a gross CBT and the quality of lawyers, in terms of moral and greediness.

Shouldn't the lawyers be looking for the loopholes in our laws that will help the common people, like the basic legal fees which are so exorbitant that the fees are not within reach of the common people but only to those that can afford it. Mr Karpal Singh is one. He is said to be greasing his wheel chair for the occasion.

There are so many loopholes but yet these lawyers are not so eager to look into it. Most of these lawyers are ethically belong to certain group, which had themselves benefited from many years of affirmative actions propagated by the current Federal Government.

There are many who said that these organized demonstration is like a pre-emptive strike for the oppositions or opportunists, like the 'vote-cheating' YB Khassim of DUN Lembah Jaya and a female rep from DAP, T. Cock, who is actively helping the incumbent of Teratai, in migrating the surplus number of Chinese voters from Parliment Bukit Bintang to the constituency and about 1000 Chinese voters into Bukit Antarabangsa.

YB Khassim is said to be actively migrating the Indonesian Red Card holders, with the help from those who are PAS sympathizers within the Federal Governed SPR election machinery, with the sole objective of turning the red ICs to blue ones; and then later throw the blame on UMNO. Very smart indeed. Or is it very un-Islamic and very wrong.

With these reasons, one can question if the act of BERSIH 2.0 is just another pre-emptive strike by the Opposition using the Bar Council and foreign funds to shift the blame of dirty tactics to UMNO and BN whilst they themselves are UNCLEAN and UNETHICAL themselves? Shame of you. You should know that in Malaysia if you meet a snake and a Bar Concillor, the advise is, you should shoo (or shoot?) the later. Remember what one prominent statesman used to say,

"You should hang the lawyers"

The following YouTube demonstrates the basic concept for pre-emptive strategy:

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