Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Analisa Matematik dari Mas Kesuma Sari: "Kita mesti dengar saranan dan titah Tuanku Sultan Johor tentang Tambak Johor yang perlu digantikan"

Teman fikir selagi Tambak Johor tidak dibina baru maka selagi itu lah perhubungan kita dengan Singapura tidak akan bertambah baik.
Blog ini adalah dari Mas Kesuma Sari.

2Build or not to Build the Causeway

The issue of to build or not to build the Causeway has cropped up again. But now HRH's request was telecasted from the Palace of Johore.

I have taken the pro-active effort to relook at the proposition since it last cropped up many years ago.

I have taken out the political elements from the decision tree. Because I believe, at this point of time, we should not politicize that will cloud the real issues.

In this analysis, building the causeway with some kind of concession is the most viable option. The kind of concession shall not be too high, like conceeding our airspace and our sovereignty. This should be left to the Government to cleverly negotiate the terms.

The details of the report can be loaded here (

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