Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Malays should not compete if they are not equipped.

Imagine a boy who likes to run. He runs and runs and always thought he can outpace all the other 'jaguh kampong's. Then one day he goes to town to meet other runners who has better facilities,methodologies and equipments to practise. These runners outpaced him and he goes back without learning anything at all, demotivated and beaten. Surely, this is not right. For him, to compete and wins, he needs also better facilities, methodologies and equipments, and morever proffesional coaches.
The new coach will intrioduce a New Exercise Policy (NEP) & set him a KPI that he needs to improve at every race 10% of his best mark. After many trials, he finds that he can now outpace many of the town runners and at his best he can even beat the best runner in town.
Surely, the NEP may not proof to be always successful for other runners from the Kampong, but it may good enough for some other runners. The NEP has created and motivated a lot of other runners and the desire to win. But as time then has moulded only a method that confine to the technologies then, but for other runners that come after him a new methodology must be created so as these new runners can compete to me the ever changing conditions and rules of globalized conditions. A new method may aptly be called the New Exercise Model (NEM) but the KPI may still be the same and but further improved; say the new runner has to now win 30% of the races now.
The moral of the story is why compete if we know we are going to lose.

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