Bebel Without a Clause

Bebel Without a Clause

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shouldn't the state sue or bring the culprits to court instead of logging head with the Feds? OR SELANGOR will get a new MB.....

This blog was completed well before the announcement of the declassification by the ministry of works after MPAJ applied to the re-categorized the reportsBut I was in the remote part of the jungle celebrating ADHA festival and couldn't get the broadband coverage.

Shouldn't selangor state government just sue culprits rather than logging head with the federal government ?
Someone showed me a posting of Dr Raffick suggesting that someone from the Community Center to pressure the Federal Government to follow the stutter prone MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, in declassifying the report. While I am for an investigation report to made public in such incidences that involve death, but it keeps lingerimg my mind. The fact is that a report has been made. However, it was classified by KKR. According to someone who knew well of some people in KKR, it was not the duty of the agency to distribute or publicize. It may have been directed by Cabinet to classify but it is clear that the state government knows the output of the report. What surprise me is why do not the state goverment take immediate compensation
Staretegies instead after knowing the reason behind the land slide.It was said by Kkr minister, YB Datuk Shahziman Hj Mansor that the report was intended for accesibility by those who are affected by the landslide and that if that is required the state government should start the proper channel to apply for restricted access for the affected public. My question is why doesn't the state government initiate such action after many months the report was delivered to MPAJ and the state .
Many would remember that statement from the MB that his government is in the process then to devise strategies to smear the BN in Selangor. My take on this one is that this event and statements coincides with many other statements that are critical of BN past governance. Could this a part of those strategies? Are we the residents of BA, sacrificial pawns for the state government? We must not forget that the Federal had allocated RM 70million    For the redevelopment of the slope that failed.
One Dr Raffick had questioned that the governments may had known that the slopes were showing signs of failures. How true! Few days before the landslide , there were signs that this particular slope overlooking the directly affected bungalows, was giving way when a report was made to MPAJ but the only thing the officer could say was that the haphazard manner the trees on the slope was due to a storm. Shouldn't this indicate that the land underneath was moving significantly.

And dangerously that the residences should had been evacuated immediately. Such conclusion should had been made and I say that there are bloods in YB TS Khalid and MPAJ consciences, which they should have explained their innocence or how to stop it from recurrence.I am not accusing them of murder but I am sure the residents would like to know why such signs were ignored and not directed to the right personnel of slope safety calibre. I am sure the victims's next of kins would want to know why such signs were neglected.
This question was asked at the meeting held by YB TS Khalid at Sinaran Ukay and Oakleaf club.  No clear answers were given.

Despite the failures by the state government, I am calling the federal government to re-look at how the report was made so as a supplementary or summary report could actually by made public on subject that matter most. The report according to those who had read it, was very historical and technical in general but may be only fit for the authorities and not for public consumption with respect what corrective actions to do next. It is not clear how the public can proceed, example who to sue or can the information be used in court.

There are alternatives to approach this report.But such alternatives should take note of what objectives the people and the victims of the landslide. The following are the main objectives the BA residents expect to be met by all reports and post actions pertaining to the event:
1. Identification of those at faults, so people can know who is accountable
2, future preventive actions so as similar calamities shall not happen again.
3. Assistance or corrective actions so as the worth of their properties can be reasonably sustain or grow over time

After reading the reports, some had concluded that the report had vindicated MPAJ, which cannot be sued and Syabas which could be sued. The role of Syabas in the landslide had always been suspected by residents of Wangsa 11 and 9 (See Notabene=Ed). As this is partially owned by Selangor, one may query why no actions had been taken by the authorities.
MPAJ could also at fault for negligence. This local authority should start compensating the people of BA especially the victims. P
--black monkey from Kuantan --

___________________POST COMMENTS___________________________
1. I personally feel that MB Khalid was not following the normal procedures, He may be in trouble and if this is true YB Azmin, ADUN of the troubled area, Bukit Antarabangsa, may be the next MB of Selangor.
2. Others who has read this said the report is inconclusive. Does the pipe leaks due to the landslide or the landslide causes the pipe to burst.
3. I also personally believe that the report should only be restricted to people of Bukit Antarabangsa, not to other public. And no charge are to made to people of Bukit Antarabangsa who already had their properties worth much less than 50% of the original price.
4. Behinds the scene the 1 Community, as also suggested by Dr Farrick, had been doing their job to pressure our the Bahagian on finding the solutions for BA residents.
5. What's next? Will the Fed sue MB?
6. I will read the report and after that, post my take on this one.

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